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InformVisitors: Send Push Notification to your Site Visitors [No Limit, No Charge]

Informvisitors is push notification service using which you can inform your blog visitors that you have updated your content or added anything new to your site. This will not only help you in boosting traffic but also helps in converting your site users into customers. As a blogger we try our level best to hold our user to our site as long as we can and therefore we ask users to join our feed or subscribe to email list but that is long process and not user friendly since you will not open your email every time just for checking any new content updates.

But what if I tell you that you can make you users job easy by directly sending push notification which will directly comes at bottom right corner of the user’s browser even if he / she is surfing some other site. Moreover it also helps your users who mainly prefer smartphone, by sending post update notification directly to the phone’s notification bar. Hence you will get instant boost in traffic every time you send a push notification to the subscribers. Best part is you can fully customize your notification and send it any time you want.

Why to Use Push Notification from Informvisitors?

Informvisitors is going ahead with the believe that the browser based push notifications are a better way of engaging the users than the current re-engagement platforms. Push is device agnostic. Reaches right from a laptop to a tiny mobile. You can easily personalise messages based on the context of the user.


Earticleblog using Informvisitors

Why to Choose Informvisitors over other similar Service ?

Free of cost Depends on the number of subscribers E.g: $1000/50K subscribers
Unlimited Pushes Allowed Upto 1 Million or depending upon the plan
Supports multi browser push Does not support multi browser push
You do not need a complex process of SSL addition Need you to integrate a complex process of SSL addition

They have deployed the solution on multiple clients and bloggers have been much more happier using this solution then competitors by delivering 50% better conversions in user subscriptions and over 30% better CTRs. Although you will see pricing tab but it’s completely free as of now.

Notification For Smartphone Visitors

Notification For Smartphone Visitors

Sign Up on Informvisitors:

  • Go to Informvisitors – Click Here
  • Scroll down and fill your details to create your account.
  • Enter your Email ID, Phone No & Website URL.

informvisitors sign up form

  • Pass Captcha and finally click on “Get Ready Go!”
  • You will get a mail with your unique URL for handling push notifications.
E-Mail Marketing Vs Push Notifications:
  • Average mail CTR < 1% and this is going even down with exodus of more mails
  • Push has 10x CTR of mails and also is a lot more engaging to the user
  • For mail users need to be opening his mailbox which a lot many users just do 2, 3 times a day. Whereas a push can come whenever the device is online.
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