Do you miss the home button in your new iPhone X? Well There is a way to add a virtual button

iPhone is the latest exciting gadget for the iPhone and gadget lovers. The novelty and freshness are taking the phone to a next level. It sports edge less OLED display, outstanding camera, Face ID and so on. As per the records, the demand for the iPhone is higher than any of the previous apple gadgets.  Though it is bit overprices people are rushing to the Apple stores and standing in the line all over the world.

iPhone X home button

Once they buy the phone the significant difference will be felt in the way of unlocking the phone, as shown in the ads – Face ID. Face ID seems to be flawless and more convenient when compared to Touch ID. Some of the new users are facing problem to operate the phone without the physical home button, this is normal because after using the home button for years, at least the muscle-memory will prompt us to tap our thumb in the place of the home button.

For the new iPhone users who are struggling without the home button and for the users who want their home button back this article is for you.

Follow the below steps to add the virtual home button to your elegant new iPhone X :

  1. Go to the settings app
  2. Now go to General- – >Accessibility – – >AssistiveTouch  
  3. You can see that the AssistiveTouch toggle switch is turned off. Just turn on the switch and get to see a floating virtual Home Button on the display the next moment.

iPhone X home button Installion step

Some of the new users don’t want this feature to be available all the time as they want to experience their brand-new iPhone without the home button. So instead of going to the settings and using the toggle switch every time, they can turn it off without going to the settings app every time.

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In Accessibility settings section you can see “Accessibility Shortcuts” at the end of the menu. In the next screen click on “AssistiveTouch” and make sure that a blue tick appears on the screen. Since the option is set now the users can triple-click the Side button to open or close the AssistiveTouch on the iPhone screen.

iPhone X home button accessibility Option

If the users have already enabled more than one Accessibility Shortcut such as Guided Access, Magnifier, Zoom, VoiceOver and much more they will get a menu with all the enabled options after triple-clicking the Side button. However, they can have the option to turn AssistiveTouch on or off from the menu.

Also for the users who don’t want to triple-click the Side button every time, there is an alternate option of toggling the AssistiveTouch on or off from the Control Center. However, users have to enable the Accessibly Shortcuts control first.

After that, they can go to the Control Center which is available in the Settings app and they have to click on the Customize Controls option. At the bottom, under More Controls, the users can tap on the + sign which is next to the Accessibility Shortcuts and can head back out of the settings menu.

iPhone X home Customiation

Now the users can open the Control Center and they can tap on the Accessibly shortcuts icon(a human inside a circle) and can turn the AssistiveTouch on or off.

iPhone X home button setting
So Guys Hope You Like this Tricks to add Virtual Home Button in your New Iphone X .If you have any Query Please ask us Here or connect with us On social Medium to know more tips and tricks.

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