1. ARVIND says


  2. Raj says

    No tabs like ” my bookings “, no way to cancel or modify.
    Site never opens fast.
    Why waitlist is not updated / confirmed on daily basis, why only done on last day so that we cant make alternate arrangements.
    The new website is not at all user friendly.


    nehi ho raha hai bhai….bor raha hai ki new website me login karo…jitna bar type karne se kuch nehi hota hai.

  4. sunil dixit says

    new site is very hopeless . how i cancel our ticket .? there is no option without login as per your advice for old version login . but every time show plz connect our new site.

    1. sarvesh singh says

      login on newsite and cancel

  5. rishabh says

    when i was login its say pleasease loging our new version
    what can i do for login to old version of irctc

  6. Mariappan says

    Please restore old website run by CRIS . Lot of advantages and many features, error free user friendly and so on.

    1. Abhishek Kumar says

      I don’t think they will restore irctc old webpage. But, they will soon add all features like old one.

  7. Prabhat says

    is any person who like new IRCTC site, new site is so poor, keval paise khane k tarike hai.

    1. sarvesh singh says

      yes only dekhne me ahha laghta hai ..

  8. DILIP SINGH says

    Thank you for your guidenace to old website login but friend sorry to tell you the truth that I repeatedly tried the four steps to login my old account but I never got it, why it is not opening ?

    1. sarvesh singh says

      Sir IRCTC Has Fixed its Bug..we are trying to find new method to login.

      1. Sachi says

        New website is ridiculous old version is 100% good. I could not able to take ticket print out from the new website.

        1. Abhishek Kumar says

          Yeah, I agree. Have you tried their mobile app?

  9. Arun Kumar Srivastava says

    IRCTC new webside is very bad. no login side is clear. so more time is expended. I could not do my urgent works. Pl.change this new Webside. Thanks.

    1. Abhishek Kumar says

      I hope they will improve soon.

  10. BalRaj says

    Cannot view the Booked Ticket History which is more than 60 Days. Any one has idea on how to view the Booked History older than 60 Days in IRCTC New Website.

    1. Abhishek Kumar says

      The new IRCTC website only shows booked ticket history for the tickets which was booked from new website.



    1. Abhishek Kumar says

      Yes, irctc have updated there coding.

  12. N B RAGHAVAN says

    Old website is better than 1000 times than New website. New website have been designed to milch and disappoint customers in all the matters. Moreover, nuisance of odd advertisements.

    1. Abhishek Kumar says


  13. Lalit kumar says

    this is not login,I tried the these steps

  14. Ashis Harichandan says

    Booking tickets not printing ..

  15. raju says

    this trick is no longer working

    1. Abhishek Kumar says

      Yes, it’s not working anymore since IRCTC added an error exception stating – ‘Use our new site’ when we try to login using this trick.

  16. Abhijit says

    Agent log in option is not working. Then how can I access my old id or I have to create a new id for that. I need a ticket to be cancelled but if I can’t access my old id @hw can I do. Kindly resolve

    1. Abhishek Kumar says

      You can cancel ticket from the new website also. Not only the website, but you can also download IRCTC new mobile app and log in to your account to access all functions as you get on the website.

  17. Aditya says

    Or you can just click ‘Agent login’ option present in sidebar :P

    1. Abhishek Kumar says

      Good find :) Although this is no longer working.

  18. ssk says

    i don’t like new look of irctc website

    1. Abhishek Kumar says

      Well, I hope this trick was helpful. I believe new website will be more optimized and faster soon.

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