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Jio Holi Offer: Surprise Gift 10 GB 4G Add On DATA to All Jio TV Users

Jio Keep Surprising us with wonderful offers.

Jio keeps surprising us. Here again, Jio giving another great gift that is 10 GB 4G Add-On DATA every Jio user On this holi under Jio Holi offer 2018 and that was a great news Guys if you are jio user. Before going ahead I hope you like our offers on free recharge apps and paytm promo code.

Jio is Becoming India no 1 4G service Provider by giving Super duper offer day by day. They keep offering wonderful offering day by day to make the user happy and stay active with Jio.

Jio Holi offer

From this Jio holi Gift, you can make your Holi more color full because you know we are going to use more data in festival season So now read below How you can get this add-on data or check you get add-on data or not.

Pro Tip: If You did not get Add on data Use Jio tv for few days You also Get.


What is ADD ON Data & How to Use It:

So Guys ADD ON data is a Wonderfull thing because there is no limit of usage in each day it means if you get 10 GB Add-on then you can use whole 10 GB data in One day or whole month it is up to you how you can use it.

Jio Holi offer 10 Gb addon

ADD on data use only when Your daily data pack limit is over it means if Your data pack offers 1 GB data per day then after using 1 GB data you can use ADD ON data automatically which means it is Win-win offer for all of us.

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How To Check Your ADD ON Data in Jio APP:

  •  Open My Jio App or download from play store.
  • Open the app and Login to an app.
  • Now Go to App menu then My plans
  • Here You see Your current Pack detail and below this, You see ADD On data
  • Bingo! If you see 10 GB Data then congrats you Got Jio Holi offer.
  • The ADD ON data Validity is 27 March 2018.

Jio Tv 10 GB offer

Jio Miss Call Trick:

1. Just give a missed call on 1299 from your Jio Sim.
2. You will get a message instantly giving you 10 GB of free add-on data. Validity: 1 month
3. This data can be used after you have exhausted your daily 4G data limit.

Hence, Jio Surprise Offer 2018 is mainly for the Jio TV users based on the fact that Jio is giving away complimentary 10GB addon-on data only to active JioTV subscribers since Jio’s Live TV application JioTV has won the “Best Mobile Video Content” category enabling Jio Digital Life at the Global Mobile (GloMo) Awards 2018 at the Mobile World Congress.

As a gesture of appreciation, Jio wishes to thank its JioTV users by providing a complimentary 10 GB data pack to all its JioTV users, which will last for 28 days.

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  1. Pranjul says

    This offer is only for redmi devices not for all

    1. Abhishek Kumar says

      Jio Xiaomi phone 10 GB Offer is different offer.

      I have Oneplus 5 and I got this offer. It’s for JioTV users as provided in the conversation with Jio customer representative.

  2. Sufiyan says

    I want jio 10gb

    1. Sufiyan says

      Can t get 1299 jio offer

      1. Abhishek Kumar says

        Use Jio Tv app for few days and then call on this number.

    2. Abhishek Kumar says

      Jio 10 GB Offer was valid for Jio TV users. Try to use it for few days and call on 1299

  3. kartheek says

    Cant get addon data even after giving missed call to 1299 nothing butjust a msg showing my jio plan

    1. Abhishek Kumar says

      This add on is officially given to all Jio TV users. If you didn’t got the offer benefits then first try to install Jio TV app and use it for a while then call on that number. May be that will work.

    2. Suraj Sharma says

      Bro.. they don’t give 10GB addon to everyone even giving the missed call… This Jio Holi Offer may not for everyone.. Missed call works for those who shortlisted for 10GB addon by JIO.. You can wait few days, it might possible that they will add it to your account too.

  4. Sheela hembram says

    I didn’t get 10 gb…. I checked my jio app… Vouchers…. N gave a miss call too…. Bt nothing happened… 😟😟😟😟😟😟 i am very upset…

    1. Abhishek Kumar says

      Do you use Jio TV app?

    2. Suraj Sharma says

      Don’t upset, you may get more in future. The missed call works for those who shortlisted for 10GB addon by JIO.. You can wait few days, it might possible that they will add it to your account too.

  5. Libin varghese says

    But i didn’t get 10gb net

    1. Abhishek Kumar says

      Jio Holi Offer: Free 10 GB 4G Data

      On the event Of Holi festival and Jio Tv being awarded with best Tv app, Reliance Jio is giving an amazing surprise offer, Jio Holi Offer to its customers. They are giving away 10 GB of 4G Data completely free for Jio TV users on the event of Holi.

      How to Avail Jio Holi Offer

      • Jio TV users will automatically get data benefits
      • But if Jio Holi Offer not activated for you then you have to call on 1299.
      • Give Miss Call to 1299.
      • Now open MyJio app and go to vouchers section.
      • There will be a voucher containing 10 GB 4G add-on data.
      • Activate the voucher to enjoy the offer for 1 month.
  6. Hardik says

    But i didn’t get 10gb net 😥

    1. Abhishek Kumar says

      This is Jio Holi Surprise offer for all Jio Tv Users as you can see from above image where Jio customer care agent stated the same.

      Some users are also claiming that by giving miss call to 1299 from Jio number they are getting 10 GB add-on data.

      Give it a try and let us know.

      Personally, I am a frequent user of Jio TV hence I got the offer benefits.

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