Real Truth Behind Jio Prime Plans | Hidden Terms You Should Know

Reliance Jio is a network provider in India with more than 100 million user base gained at very minimal period of time due to it's surprising offers which got attention in a vast scale. Jio recently launched a new offer namely Reliance Jio Prime plan which covers all basic needs of a smartphone users like unlimited free calling, 4G internet data, SMS and many premium apps which is not available with other telecom providers.

Jio Prime plan is the successor of Reliance Jio happy new year plan which was mainly launched to attract more user base by providing them free benefits before going ahead for normal paid plans. But by saying normal doesn't means that all plans will be same as other network providers like Airtel, Idea or Vodafone but standing out of the crowd and providing customer with best plan they could attain at present.

jio prime hidden terms conditions

We have already shared enough articles regarding Reliance Jio Prime Membership registration or enrollment and how to activate Jio prime plan. In this post we are covering up some of the hidden or what we can say is not popular terms and conditions which people are not aware about. So this will cover up all of your doubts regarding Jio Prime paid plans and whether you should activate Reliance Jio Prime offer or not.

Frequently Asked Question for Jio Prime Plan

#1: Is It Compulsory to Activate Jio Prime Plan?

No, activation of Jio prime plan is all up to you. If you subscribe to Jio Prime membership then you will get extra benefits like extra data and more premium apps but if you don't subscribe then still there are separate sets of plans for non-Jio prime members.

#2: Do I Have To Pay Rs. 99 Only for Jio Prime Plan?

No, Rs. 99 is only for enrollment under Jio Prime Membership. After registering for membership you are eligible for extra benefits on data and other premium offers. To get those benefits all you need to do is recharge with normal plans starting from Rs. 19 and you will get extra benefits which will not be given to non-Jio Prime members.

#3: How to activate Jio Prime Membership?

There are many ways to subscribe prime membership like from MyJio app, official website, Jio Money app or any Reliance Jio Retail Store. We have created a detail post on different ways to activate Jio Prime Plans.

Moreover, you can also activate membership from any online wallets like Paytm, Freecharge, etc.

#4: Will I Get Unlimited Free Calling Offer Without Jio Prime Plan Recharge?

No, even after subscribing to Jio prime membership you have to recharge with any plan in order to get free calling benefits. You can recharge with plan starting from Rs. 19 or Rs. 303 or any other plan every month as per your needs to enjoy unlimited free HD voice calling benefits.

#5: What Will Happen If I Don't Recharge My Jio SIM?

If you don't recharge your Jio SIM for at least 90 days then your SIM will be deactivated from all services and you will no longer be able to use it either for incoming or outgoing. For those 90 days you will be able to get only incoming calls and sms. Note: That SIM will soon be allotted to other customer who buy new Jio SIM.

Hidden Terms & Conditions for Jio Prime Offer

#1: Do I have to Recharge Every Month After Activating Jio Prime Membership?

Yes, Jio Prime members need to recharge with a minimum of Rs. 149 per month. If not then company holds the right to deactivate the Jio Prime subscription of the customer. Note that this will only ends your subscription and not the SIM. You can still use your SIM with normal non-Jio prime member's plan. If you don't recharge for continuous 90 days then your complete SIM will be deactivated.

#2: Will I get Unlimited Night Data with Jio Prime Membership?

No, unlimited night data offer will be discontinued after 31st March and both Jio prime and non Jio prime members will not get unlimited night data benefits of 2 AM to 5 AM.

#3: Is There Any Daily Data FUP / Limit?

Yes, you can only use 1 GB of 4G data per day and after 1 GB of data usage you will get unlimited data at 128 Kbps of internet speed.

#4: Can I Share My Data With Multiple Device?

You can share data over WiFi Hotspot only to maximum of 1 device. Even if you have a JioFi MiFi hotspot device, you cannot share internet with more than ONE device. Official Condition: "The user device may be used as a personal hotspot connection (this is also known as tethering) for upto 1 device only at a time".

#5: How Postpaid Users Will Be Charged?

All Postpaid subscribers opting for Jio Prime are also required to opt for e-bill and autopay options. That is whether you want or not you will be automatically charged from your Bank on due date.

#6: Will I be Charged for Making Video Calls?

Yes, you will be charged 5p/sec basis and data will be reduced from your daily or monthly data balance.

I hope you liked this post on frequently asked questions with their answers and some of the hidden terms and conditions which you need to be aware of before subscribing to Jio prime membership and then Jio prime plans. If you still have any doubts then please leave a comment below and we will add that query with solution in this post.


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