Kit Kat Amazon gift voucher Offers (Rs-25 & 10 GV)

Kit Kat Amazon Gift voucher Offer is live. Earn free gift cards from Kit kat pack. Buy Kit Kat pack of Rs-10 or Rs-25 and get Amazon free gift voucher of Rs-10 or Rs-25 respectively.The offer is valid on selected pack of Kit Kat which are 4 fingers and 2 fingers.

Kit KAT amazon gift voucher

Buy only those packs on which Amazon Free Gift Voucher

offer is printed. This offer is valid till 15 Jan 2018. There is lots of confusions regarding this offer. We will clear every things regarding this offer. Let’s first discuss the actual offer.

The offer is  valid on selected pack of Kit Kat. Buy only those pack in which ‘Amazon Free Gift Voucher is printed. There are only two pack on which this offer is valid which are pack of 4 finger worth Rs- 25 and pack of 2 finger worth Rs-10. See the below image to know the latest pack print.


Kit Kat Amazon Gift voucher Offer

Amazon Kit Kat gift Voucher Offer

 The offer is valid on the selected pack. Let’s me explain the offer in details. I will also guide you how to redeem gift voucher.

 How To Get Kit Kat Amazon Gift Voucher ?

  • First buy latest pack of Kit Kat. Buy any pack of Rs-25 & Rs-10.
  • Now open pack and get unique code.
  • Open And redeem the unique code. Get more details about redemption below.
  • Enjoy

How To Redeem Kit Kat Amazon Gift Voucher?

For Web Browser (

  1. Go To;
  2. Sign in/Sign Up
  3. Enter your 17 unique code and click on ‘Add to your balance’.

For App Users

  1. Open Amazon App
  2. Go To ‘Shop by Category’;
  3. Click On ‘Gift Cards’;
  4. Now,Go to ‘Add Gift Card’; and
  5. And lastly Enter the unique 17 digit code and click on ‘Add Now’.


Que) How Many Kit Kat GV I Can Add?

⇒ You can add maximum of 3 Gift Voucher  either Rs-25 or Rs10 or Both. Please note that you can’t add more than 3 voucher. Also, you can’t add each of three i.e., Rs-25 GV or Rs-10 GV.


Que) What is the last Date of Kit Kat Amazon Offer?

⇒ You can add gift voucher up to 15th Jan 2018.


Que) Which Packs of Kit Kat are running this Offer?

⇒ The pack Of Rs-25 and Rs-10. You can find the offer only on these two pack of Kit Kat.

Que) Where I Get the Unique Code?

⇒ You can find the unique codes inside the pack of Kit Kat.A 17 Digit alphanumeric code is given inside every pack of Rs-25 & Rs10 Kit Kat.




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