Bitcoin News India 2022 | India in Process of Crypto Regulations

Bitcoin India News: It has been a great end to the year 2020 with last 2 months having a great success for Bitcoin cryptocurrency lovers. Bitcoin progressed itself from around 50000-60000 Indian Rupees initially in February 2021 to the all-time high of 43 Lakh Rupees by end of the year.

This attracted a huge amount of users towards cryptocurrency and trading in India and thus boosted all Indian exchange’s user base. After that, there was a huge outbreak in Bitcoin News community in India.

India’s biggest exchanges like Zebpay, Koinex, Unocoin, etc is filled with huge amount of registrations and KYC activation.

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All Indian exchanges like Zebpay have their separate Cryptocurrency news or documentation website where you can get frequent updates regarding their progress.

Otherwise, you can simply come on our news article for brief information about the bitcoin and other cryptocurrency news in India.

These lead to great delays in activation procedure and recent news came up that Indian exchanges have temporarily discontinued registrations for such an overwhelming response.

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To share such news on Bitcoin we are creating this news article for short and simple updates on Bitcoin with respect to Indian exchange and what Government of India is taking action against the defaulters and for the growth of cryptocurrency in India.

Each news will be the summary of actual news and we will be providing the best source for complete news.

Every Bitcoin news in India shared below and their respective time stamps to make it easy for you to relate to the rise and fall of prices.

Also, what are the steps you need to take before any event occurs with respect to either Government of India or Indian exchanges or International news which may soon and immediately reflect the effect on prices of cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin India News 2022

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Date 20th Feb 2021: Indian Govt Cabinet meeting On Bitcoin held and they have introduced bill for banning private cryptocurrency it is still in pending.

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Date 31st Jan 2021: You must be asking, why is cryptocurrency falling today? But it is just a market trend which is bearish and it may fall down to 7500-8000 USD or around 4-5 Lakh Indian Rupees in Indian exchanges. These are predicted prices based on the bitcoin chart which indicates a very strong support at 7500 US Dollars. Also their is a rumor-cum-report that U.S. regulators subpoena crypto exchange Bitfinex and Tether. Source 1Source 2

Date 30th Jan 2021: Facebook is banning all ads promoting cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and even ICOs. They are terming it as deceptive promotional practices. Source

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Date 26th Jan 2021: Zebpay, India’s biggest and most trusted cryptocurrency exchange have added Litecoin to there trading platform. People can update this by going to Menu, followed by Verification option and finally click on Refresh icon. This will update the menu of Litecoin on the homepage. Source

Date 25th Jan 2021: South Korea Allows Cryptocurrency Trading for Real-Name Registered Accounts. This is good news for the whole cryptocurrency lovers since last time due to the rumors of South Korea banning of Bitcoin lead to a huge dip in prices. Now after this good news prices may go up a little. Price has crossed the resistance line so if a correction comes then only it will go down else the next resistance is at around 14-15k USD. Source

Date 23rd Jan 2021: Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies prices may go much more down since the support line at 10800 USD in the trading chart has broken yesterday and now the next support is around 7000 USD that is around 5 Lakh Indian Rupees. It is repeating it’s last correction so it may get reversed after 9000$ but that’s just our prediction. Spend your money at your own risk.

Date 20th Jan 2021: Top banks like SBI, Axis, ICICI are suspending some accounts of major Bitcoin exchanges in India. This could be the reason for the temporary shutdown of deposits and withdrawals on these exchanges. Source

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Date 19th Jan 2021: Government sent tax notices to many Indian cryptocurrency investors as trading hits $3.5 billion. After the repeated warnings from RBI, all Tech loving young investors, real estate and huge investors are getting notice from IT department. Source

Date 18th Jan 2021: India is responsible for 10% of all Bitcoin transactions worldwide. Bitcoin and India are in a complicated relationship. Indians are accepting digital economy to the fullest but the Indian government is confused about decentralised currencies. They are neither calling it illegal and nor a legal tender. Source

Date 18th Jan 2018: Bitcoin popularity attracted scammers to fool Investors With Fake Cryptocurrency. On the widespread of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, ponzi schemes have started targeting thousands of investors in India. Source

Date 17th Jan 2018: Mike Bell from JP Morgan claimed on a news network that cryptocurrency might be banned soon by Government. This leads to a huge downfall in prices on 17th January.

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Date 16th Jan 2018: Many rumors from South Korea regulations against cryptocurrencies and China banning Bitcoin miners lead to a huge dip from 16000$ on average to 12000$ by 16th January. Although these are still a rumor and South Korean Government is yet to give their decision since more than 2 lakh people signed the petition to remove finance ministers of South Korea on South Korean Government Official Online Petition website.

Date 15th Jan 2018: India could be the next Bitcoin Mining hub for most of the Chinese miners. After the restriction of mining in China, many miners are either going to Canada or thinking for India since according to DNA India report, India’s top cryptocurrency players have been approached by government officials to set up mining centers in the country. Source

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Date 15th Jan 2018: According to Google Trends, Indian city Surat became the most curious about bitcoin globally in 2017. That is people from Surat city searched highest about Bitcoin all over the world. Source

Date 13th Jan 2018: UnoCoin enabled Segwit Addresses for Indian Customers.This is provided to all verified accounts on 12th Jan. Source

Date 12th Jan 2018: Hackers demand ransom in bitcoin after illegally accessing systems of Old Delhi traders. Traders were offered with decryption of five files free for initial and later demanded with the ransom in Bitcoin for the remaining files. Source

Date 11th Jan 2018: As per Livemint wesbite, Reliance Jio planning its own cryptocurrency called JioCoin. They build a team of 50-members professionals to work on blockchain technology for JioCoin, cryptocurrency. Source

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We will be focusing more news on Bitcoin rather than other altcoins since ultimately they will be affected too with Bitcoin and also Bitcoin is known as the most trusted amongst all other cryptocurrencies as it is technically the father of all other coins.

The main motto of most of the Indian exchanges is to understand and solve the hurdle of understanding bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

They are trying to make buy and selling of Bitcoin and other Altcoins as easy as chatting on WhatsApp or Facebook.

The big giant like Zebpay played smartly by creating App only version since India have gained millions of smartphone customers last year and the maximum of them prefer mobile as a medium to connect with the Internet.

For more Bitcoin India News bookmark this page and visit daily for fresh updates.

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