All Info About lucky Grahak Yojana & How to Win Rs 1000 Daily

Hello Friends, Today we are going To tell you about Indian Govt Very Popular Scheme /Yojna which is viral Now days that is lucky Grahak Yojana In this section we give you all detail what is lucky grahak yojana and also how to check lucky grahak yojana winner .


what is lucky grahak yojana ?

Lucky Grahak Yojna is Initiative Of our Govt to promote cashless digital economy In this Scheme Govt Giving Rs 340 Crores Prize Money to all lucky users who selected in this Grahk Lucky Yojna. In this Yojna You can Win daily Rs 1000 to weakly 1 lacs Rs and If You lucky You can win Rs 1 Crores To In mega Prize List.

Important Date & Details :-

Started byNITI Aayog & National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI)
Date of Launch15 December 2016
Scheme Starts from25th December 2016
Scheme Valid till14th April 2017

To Participate This lucky Grahak Yojna You have to simply Use Unified payment Interface also Know as UPI .Do't be confuse You have to just pay via UPI payment system that is when ever you are going to shop or making any payment use Digital payment system. We will Going To give You all detail Just read below article To know all details.

How To Use UPI Payment System :-

UPI full form is Unified Payment Interface which is the successor of IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) which helps you in sending money to anybody within your bank or other bank instantly.

With UPI you do not have to worry about giving Account Name, Bank Account Number, Branch or IFSC Code to the sender or you do not have to take the same if you are sender. All you need is an alias means an ID which looks very similar to Email address.

Example for UPI ID: username@bankname

To Particpate In This Yojna You have to simply create Your UPI Id and use this id to receive or send money in your daily day to day life .When You start using UPI payment system you transaction ID is entered In daily and weakly Lucky Grahak Yojna and each day you Get chance To win Rs 1000 and also entered in weakly and mega prize draw.

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Their are four ways of Using UPI and participate in this Yojna .You can Choose any of the Upi system to do daily transactions.

  1. UPI APP :- Every Bank is launched their UPI enabled app You can download UPI app of Your bank or you can download any UPI app or Gov BHIM APP and register Your self To start UPI. You can also use 3rd party apps like phonepay etc Too.
  2. Rupay Card :- These Day Gov giving Rupay Card to every one so If you have a Rupay card use them to pay or shop and Get eligible for this offer.
  3. USSD Banking :- If you do't have SMART Phone or do't have Internet enabled Phone like Basic phones still you can use UPI payment system You have to just dial *99# from you mobile number and make any transactions to eligible this offer.
  4. Adhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) :- This is very new System launched in this You adhaar card number is your bank account and you can use your adhaar to make payment or recive payment and eligible in this offer.

Prizes You can Win In Lucky Grhak Yojna :-

In The lucky Grahak Yojna you can win daily weakly and Mega Prize Too. Below I am mentioning all Prizes Which is offered by Gov in this Yojna Take a look.

Daily Prizes:-

  • Every Day 15000 People selected for daily Prize.
  • Selected winner Get Rs 1000 in their Bank account.

Weekly Prizes:-

  • In this Offer Period weekly draw selected people Get Rs 5000 to Rs 1 lacks* in their bank account.

Mega Prizes:-

In Mega Prize total 3 Lucky users selected from the offer period by Lucky draw and rewarded as mention below

  • Rs 1 crores to first lucky user.
  • Rs 50 Lacks To second Lucky users.
  • Rs 25 lacks to Third lucky users.

Steps To Participate In This Yojna :-

So I hope You Get and Idea what is UPI and all about This Lucky Grahak Yojna Now I am telling and also Giving You how To Particpate in This Yojna .

In Your daily day to day life You are using cash to pay your bills or shop any thing So from now on Use UPI system to make payment and reqest for money it is very easy process so You have to Try once. When you receive or send or make any transaction Rs 50 to Rs 3000 via UPI id or any above 4 method You are eligible for this offer and you entered daily Lucky draw and weakly draw too.

Just Remember UPI payment must be between Rs 50 to Rs 3000 To participate in this lucky Grahak Yojna.

How To check You Lucky Grahak Yojna Results :-

First of all Lucky users are selected NPCIL Whih is a Govt non profit orgnasistion which conduct lucky draw to select lucky users.To check you are lucky or not you have two options to check You are winner or not in this Yojna.

  1. Check Your Bank account within 48 hours after making UPI payment i you goy selected You will See Rs 1000 daily Price in your account.
  2. Or You can Go Govt website and Input Your mobile number and other details to check You are in winner list or not.To check your name go here.(Lucky Grahak Winner page)

Proof :-

Important Points :-

  • Only UPI transactions are eligible for this yojna.
  • Online wallets transactions like paytm is not eligible this offer.
  • Keep Transacting Between Rs.50 To Rs.3000 Through Rupay Card , UPI & USSD And Get A Chance To Be Lucky !
  • For more full detail and verify this offer visit lucky grahak yojna.


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