Memory cleaner,battery Saver apps Bitter Truth all are fake apps

Hello Guys Today we are going to tell you a truth of android memory cleaner,battery saver apps
and you may not belive me but it is true… so i am going to describe you all the thing how …

Yes, Android phones all Memory Cleaner, Memory Booster and Battery Saver Apps to waste. Not only unnecessary, but also to use them several times, you may damage than good. Now the question is why these Apps with Google Play store millions of people do not just download, but it also explains fabulous?
Saw saw some rumor started because so many people seem to believe him. But the wrong thing, are not perfect.
In the Play Store Memory Cleaner, Auto Apps Killer, Battery Saver Apps and Memory Booster is a glut claiming that you should download them to your phone , then snap it on your phone and your phone will make Fast battery too long. Apps that try to convince us that the phone ‘s memory (RAM) to be full , Bakgranud continuation of apps in the phone and the battery is very bad for health .
As well, seems to be listening to that memory will be empty, the phone will run much faster .If that makes sense to listen . Brother , not frivolous Clegen in Bakgranud -Apps , Android phone or the battery will not be slow ! Is not it interesting? No , this thing is absolutely ridiculous ! Let us tell you why.

App of the ‘ continuation ‘ and ‘ walk’ totally isolated..
 All Android Apps software is made ​​such that it can run faster using less power . Now it is important to understand that the first Android App in the ‘ continuation ‘ and ‘ walk’ totally different – different. Android phone memory (RAM) is used quite differently . Using an App you can stop him completely, and then they go home , rather than sit quietly on the bench of the memory is . It’s not a one , are all Apps . Instead of going to his house while he’s completely off the bench in the memory of the name by the on-line are sit .
Apps do not spend a battery of memory sitting on benchThe App will you just stop immediately – he will be at the forefront of the line . The series then moves to sit queuing memory until the name of the place on the bench . When you are running the App -place finish in the back of the line , ie whom did you first off – now completely off the house will be gone .. Android Why does it take before letting it out of memory while sitting on the bench Chupchar Apps by line, do not spend any batteries – not at all . She has just turned around to look – do not go . Unless you do not play .

Now the question is that he’s completely on-line by the closing date of the reasons bench of memory , rather than do you live? So why does the phone memory is full to empty almost every time they have to use Memory Killer Apps . Think of that answer . You asked for a taxi so you have to go to many places throughout the day . What would you like Driver – who again and again and each time the car disappearing off the tea and you have to call her by phone , or on the driver ‘s seat of the car every time you get ready ?
Android does as well . The only way to stay in the driver’s seat of the car the same way gasoline will not spend just to spend Apps, the battery is not sitting in memory . So memory (RAM) is always full look good but not bad 

.Apps you again and again will turn off completely and not just open the battery while burning idle Lganage will be rather on and off . Apps Killer, Memory Booster, Battery Saver upside down and work through the Memory Cleaner – Memory sent home by closing Apps are sitting quietly . The amazing thing is that all these things happen off Android phone without having could never exist. So after a few moments it will begin again . And your lovely App Killer, Battery Saver you power it off and on again favor that he seems to express how much memory your phone has been free . Cache clear

Apps Killer – Memory Cleaner Side effects…The answer is that the Battery Saver App, Kill memory than to do some work . As such , when not using GPS , Bluetooth , WiFi , Location Services off and several services that use the Internet to increase the sync interval . But these things are already in the phone using the power widget itself easily , and can do better . This small task Apps Killer – Memory Cleaner razor in the hands of the monkey ‘s name does not need to get caught . Have you ever noticed that Memory Booster, Memory Cleaner, Battery Saver thing as when you put your phone when you do it quietly – Permission to do attains that are Attributing them to the phone when they do not turn off the phone , change the settings , you blow . Why have gone to such trouble without it .
If you want to save battery Please identify which Apps are consuming most of the battery . If you do not need them again and again instead of closing Uninstall to remove the phone itself . If it is not possible to give Disable . The smart phone also has a computer at least twice a week so must close it and click Restart .

source- aajTak

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