Mi Router 3C – 1 App, 4 Antennas & 64 Connections @ Rs 1199

Hello viewers, heartily welcoming you all to earticleblog. You might aware of and heard about Redmi 4 launch today but do you have any idea regarding Mi Router 3C? Let me inform you that along with Redmi 4 today Xiomi India has launched a new gadget in India and that is Mi Router 3C. This is the  upgraded verion of Xiaomi Mi Wi Fi router youth version. If you are looking for a router that is simple, good looking, lighter in weight, high range and good control then here it is.

Mi Wifi Router 3C is furnished with 4 outer antennas with 2.4 GHz single frequency, ensures more stable connection, extremely fast and optimized signal and accessible even from long distances, IEEE 802.11 n protocol, 2.4 GHz single frequency, the highest rate of 300 MBPS. The WiFi router can be set up with an app (Android or iOS)

Mi WiFi Router 3C is equipped with MediaTek MT7628N processor buckled with 64 MB of RAM DDR2, and 16 MB of internal memory. Newly projected Mi Router 3C has built in with following features, described in detail later on (Scroll Down)

Redmi 4 and Mi Router 3C will be exclusively available first at

on 20th May! Head over to mi.comto pre-book at 2PM

Launch Date :

Mi Router 3C – Features

  1. Real Time Monitoring
  2. Mi Wi-Fi App (Android & iOS)
  3. 4 High Performance Antennas
  4. 300 Mbps Speed, 80 m Wi-Fi Range
  5. Up to 64 Connections

#1. Real Time Monitoring & Parental Controls

Mi Router 3C comes with tons of smart features. It comes with a Real-time Monitoring feature that will help you find to gather Upload & Download bandwidth so easily. Also it brings you to check live status of all connected devices. Up to 64 devices would be connected to this router, so it is very important factor to identify ’em all :) Now lets move to another smart feature….

Parental controls let you manage what your children can and can’t see, even when you aren’t home.

#2. Mi Wi-Fi App – Android & IOS

Mi Wi-Fi app puts you in command of your network. Anywhere, anytime. One can view and manage settings remotely from Mi Wi-Fi app. Whether is blacklisting unwanted internet activity or setting time limits on child internet usage, you can do it all right from your phone.

#3. Four High Performance Antennas

Forget Wi-Fi dead zones and dropped connections. With its four high-performance antennas, Mi Router 3C boasts of increased operating range and stronger signal. Everyone on the network will enjoy low-latency online gaming, smooth video streaming, and seamless web browsing. Its supports up to 300Mbps with 802.11n !! No more interruption, no more hesitation. Bingo !!

#4. 300 Mbps Speed

Mi Router 3C comes with a 300Mbps transmission speed and ensures that you get the speed no matter your distance from the router. Its enhances your flexibility and comfort zone. No more disturbance !

Below you see the Uploading & Downloading Speed Comparison, are you excited & interested? No doubt !

Download Speed Comparison
Upload Speed Comparison

#5. 80 m Wi-Fi Range

Mi Router has 4 antennas to give you a wall penetrating range of 80 meters and an uninterrupted connectivity! Antennas used here are made from high quality copper + PCB hence its called High performance antennas. 4 Antennas improves signal range and stability. Out of 4, 2 transmit while 2 receive antennas.

Below you see range comparison of a typical router with mi router 3C. Blue color shows range of Mi Router 3C while light grey color shows range of a typical router. Impressive hmm :)

#6. Up to 64 Connections

You guys might be having normal routers at your home if you are a broadband user or what so ever. But you don’t know that the typical routers can connect maximum of 30 devices at a time. Even ordinary low range router have only capable of 10-20 connections at a time. But Mi Router 3C have capable of 64 device connections at a time. Isn’t awesome? Obviously its great.

#7. Guess Sharing

Guest sharing an awesome and best feature so far for me as you can generate Unique Wi-Fi login for friends and neighbors and can keep master password secure. Privacy for personal network data ;)

#8. Wi-Fi Boost

With just a tap, boost Wi-Fi speed and reduce bandwidth bottlenecks through cutting edge technology.

Few Cool Images – Mi Router 3C


Highlights of Xiaomi Mi Router 3C

  • 300Mbps 802.11 a/b/n Wi-Fi 2.4GHz 2X2
  • MediaTek MT7628N processor
  • 64MB DDR2 RAM, 16MB ROM
  • 4 copper + PCB external omni directional antennas
  • 80m WiFi range, Up to 64 connected devices
  • MiWiFi OS (Based on OpenWRT)
  • Real time monitoring, parental controls with Mi WiFi app on Android and iOS
  • 2x LAN port, 10/100Mbps (Auto MDI/MDIX), 1x RJ45 WAN port, 10/100Mbps (Auto MDI/MDIX), 1x Power port
  • Red/Blue/Yellow LED indicator

Hope you guys liked our this article regarding Mi Router 3C with its pricing in India and full specifications. Share this awesome information with your colleagues and spread the love. Stay tuned and keep visiting for more cool stuffs and genuine information.

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