5 Must-Have Laptop Accessories Under Rs.499

Are you having a Laptop or Macbook? If yes then the article is for you. There are a few budget-necessary laptop accessories that you should buy to enhance your overall experience and efficiency. The following are the most crucial laptop accessories that are affordable.

Must have laptop accessories

Investing in laptop accessories will help you take full advantage of the laptop and make your job more efficient, no matter if you’re using it for what purpose.

Let’s have a look at our recommended budget laptop accessories that will surely improve your overall experience.

1. Laptop Bag

A Laptop carrying bag is very important for everyone for your laptop safety. There are a lot of several laptop bags available on Amazon, Flipkart, and on all other E-commerce websites as well but the point is are they budget-friendly? I have selected one budget-friendly laptop bag for you to check out.

Product Details – This Dynotrek grade laptop sleeve provides stylish protection for your Laptop or Macbook This bag comes with an extra charger pouch as well and This bag will help you in protecting your laptop from bumps, scratches, debris, and other accidents. You can check the bag of Dynotrek according to your sizes. Dynotrek bags cost a minimum of around Rs.350-499 Only

Key Features:

  • Made of soft and anti-static to reduce damages caused by accidental bumping & scratches.
  • The additional small charger pouch provides enough space to keep a mouse, charger, pens, cell phones, notepads, and other accessories.
  • The laptop sleeve case is made of high-quality waterproof Canvas fabric

2. Keyboard Protector

We all know that when we talk about Laptop safety then one of the important parts is the keyboard of the laptop and we should keep the keyboard clean and protected.

To keep the laptop keyboard cleaned we can use the little brush that comes with a trimmer or you can use any type of extra brush that you have in your home. Do clean the keyboard of your laptop with a brush once in a month.

In terms of protection, you should buy Silicone Keyboard Protector Skin for your laptop.

Product Details – This skin Protects Your Laptop Keyboard from Dust and Dirt. Dust and moisture accumulating on the laptop keyboard can affect the way it works. You can check the Keyboard Protector Skins of Gizga according to your sizes. Gizga Keyboard Protector skins cost a minimum of around Rs.50-299 Only

Key Features:

  • This skin will help you in protecting your laptop’s keyboard against food or drink spillage
  • Easy to attach, remove and wash
  • As it is transparent in colour, it retains the original texture and look of the keyboard

3. USB Light

We all know that premium-range laptops are coming with keyboard lights in them but mid-range laptops still don’t have lights under the keyboard and it is hard sometimes to use the keyboard in a dark room without lights.

The best alternative is that you can use the USB Light and face it towards the keyboard so the light will help you in typing on your keyboard.

Product Details – This USB Light is very useful for students and work personnel who sit up late in the night for various endeavors. The light lamp provides clear light to help you work more effectively.

Key Features:

  • Plugs into any USB port
  • Easy to attach, remove
  • Very small in size, you can keep that in any small pocket of your laptop bag.

4. Laptop Stand

If you are someone like me who works on a laptop for hours then you must buy this laptop stand to work on the laptop more comfortably. This stand helps to keep the laptop in a stable position.

Product Details – This Laptop Stand is made from aluminum alloy with an X-shaped design, it carries up to 5 kgs of weight. The angles can be adjusted from 15 to 45 degrees for maximum comfort. It is well-ventilated to prevent your device from overheating.

Key Features:

  • This stand is foldable and portable and comes with a bag.
  • Easy to carry and very lightweight
  • Height can be adjusted

5. Portable Mouse

A portable mouse is an essential accessory if you use your laptop for extended periods. A good quality mouse will be more comfortable and efficient than using your laptop’s trackpad.

Product Details – The Logitech B170 is an affordable wireless mouse and You can easily pair it with your system by just plugging in a tiny wireless receiver into the USB slot. It offers universal compatibility with Windows, Mac OS, and Chrome OS.

Key Features:

  • Connection of up to 10m away with plug-and-forget USB mini-receiver
  • Easy to carry and very lightweight
  • 12-Month Battery Life

My Opinion

I recently upgraded my Laptop and that’s why I was checking for some of the best and budget-friendly accessories for my laptop. I found that there are some of the best accessories available now that every laptop person should buy to increase the overall experience of using the laptop. My personal suggestion is that you must have these 5 accessories for your laptop.

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