New 100% Working TCP Trick For VodaFone

Guys Good News for Vodafone Users New tcp hack For Vodafone is Openly Shared.

Hello Guys, Sharing with you New Vodafone Trick which is 100 % Working.

You can check in Your state.


1.Use in Rs.2 Balance (No Need of any plan) or 0 Balance
2.No Disconnection Problem is there .
3.Based on Fastest  Protocol Speed Up to- 500 KBPS+

4.No speed capping

5.No Sim blocking
6.Works on blocked Sim also
7.Verified by PkWorldFree4U

8.100% Working in Northern states of India
9.Supports HTTPS and HTTP protocol
10.Certificate Error Solved
11.Working Both in 2G (GSM) and 3G (UMTS) Mode

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