Now hide last seen and Hide your profile pic in whatsapp

वॉट्सऐप वेबसाइट से करने अपडेट
Whatsapp after selling $ 19 billion in the hands of Facebook users that Android has two new features. These features are very important to the user’s privacy. If you choose to use Android smartphone, you can use these features.

In terms of features, this is the first feature, which he felt was a lot of people need . Now Android smartphone users who use Whatsapp other users looking at the Last Scene ‘(Last seen) Notifications So now the user can hide it so no one will know when he had opened the last time whatsapp .


This feature privacy settings in Whatsapp get new updates . Well this is the first feature for iOS users . Android users can now use it .In terms of other features Whatsapp user‘s profile picture and now everyone can hide or strangers States. The new version of the app will feature in the account settings.

whatsapp of new features, the app version at the moment is not in the Google Play Store. If you would like to use this feature immediately, then you www.whatsapp.com/android/Whatsapp website must download and install apk file.