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OnePlust 5T Quiz is back on Amazon App. Play and win Oneplus 5T On Amazon. OnePlus 5T Quiz is live and we have added its answers. Check Answers to OnePlus 5T Quiz contest. Today OnePlus 5T Quiz answer has been added first on net.

Oneplus 5t quiz Answers

OnePlus is one of the best smartphones in this price range. You may like Samsung, iPhone but OnePlus always surprise us with its Smartphone. They offer amazing specifications at cheap while the brands like iPhone and Samsung offer above 50,000 INR.

How To Play OnePlus 5T Quiz?

  • Open Amazon App
  • Click on OnePlus 5T Quiz Banner
  • Click to Start Play
  • Check your answer below and give correct answers
  • Done…!!!

OnePlus 5T Quiz Answers

Question 1) I have a shutter, that works best when you say ‘Cheese’. What am I?

Answers- Camera


Question 2) I am known for never settling. I have many names – One, Two, Three & Five, and sometimes I have a ‘T’. What am I?

Answers- OnePlus


Question 3) Not every phone will give you ‘Random Access’ to 8GB memory of me. What am I?

Answers- RAM


Question 4) A family of confections made with sugar/honey/nuts and whipped egg whites, now made famous by Android. What am I?

Answers- Nougat

Question 5) I shoot (photos) and dash (charge). You can unlock me with your face. What am I?

Answers- OnePlus5T

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