Participate Screenwise Google Survey and Earn Rs 200 Vouchers Every Month (Proof attach)

Hey Guys, You heard Paid survey or Mobile survey commonly in which You get Rewards So today i have seen such offer by Screenwisemedia which Sponsored By Google and Every one Know Google how reputed and well name in Internet.

So Guys By taking part in Google survey You will Get Rs 500 Gift vouchers in First month and after that Rs 200 vouchers every month.


What was the Offer ?

Guys, It is very cool Offer or you can say survey offer To get rewarded By doing nothing.So you thinking what was the actually offer so here it is Screenwise media want to learn your mobile usage to make their service better for this you have to install the free Screenwise Panel app on your smartphone.



When you access the internet from your phone, Google will learn about the sites you visit, the apps you use, and some basic information about how you use them. You don’t need to do anything other than keep the app on your phone and collect your rewards. It’s that simple.

What You Get By Participating in Mobile Survey :-

  • Rs. 300 when you download and turn on the Screenwise Panel app
  • Rs. 100 per month you are active
  • PLUS a bonus each month you are active starting at Rs. 10 in month 1, Rs. 20 in month 2 and so on until you are getting Rs. 200 every month for just having the app run.


So I hope You get an idea What is all about so lets start how you participate and install the app and get reward each month.Please Follow step by step Process.

Step To Qualify and Participate in Screenwise App Survey :-

  • First Of All Go to offer page :- [ Screenwise Survey Offer Page ]
  • Now You see info and Join Button click on it.
  • Now You see set of qualifying questions .
  • Answers are 1 page> Yes 2 page> android 3> Yes 4> in dob enter 1979 and male now like that proceed.
  • At last You see Mobile number and email box enter your details and Proceed By agreeing Terms .
  • Bingo ! You see Download link Just download the app To start rewarding your self.


How To Get Rewards :-

  • When You Install screenwise app from link you get.
  • You are ready to receive rewards instantly.
  • On downloading app & for sign up You will Get Rs 300.
  • And for keep active this app for months you get Rs 200 every months PLUS a bonus each month you are active starting at Rs. 10 in month 1, Rs. 20 in month 2 and so on until you are getting Rs. 200 every month for just having the app run.
  • Minm Redeem amount is Rs 500 which you  got after first month so keep active at least 1 month.

Check Your Balance or Claim Rewards:-


  • To check Your balance You receive mail after 24 hrs of app Installing.
  • In mail You see Your Rs 300 code + Login link of your panel.
  • Now go to Panel and enter your code to check your balance .
  • If you reach 500 then you can order gift cards directly from here.

Important Points:-

  • By Installing This app You are agree to share your all phone details like GPS call history etc to screen wise So you are ready then proceed.
  • Minimum amount of redeem is Rs 500 .
  • You can redeem your Rs 500 in terms of Gift vouchers from 100 of various site.
  • This is limited period offer so we request register your self now.
  • For more detail and confirmation Visit screen wise site.
  1. ravi says

    after two days it is showing your account is not verified.

    1. sarvesh singh says

      you are disqualified .it means

      1. ravi says

        but why? I did it in two phones and in both it is showing same..

        1. sarvesh singh says

          when u install the screenwise app then google moinitor 2 days ur logs and every thing and i think they come to know you are not fit so you disqaulifed many of people disqualifed.Or one of the reason due to false dob it might happen bcz google smart they sense the trick.

          1. Ravi says

            So now they are not taking any data from my phone?

          2. sarvesh singh says


  2. ashish agarwal says

    It is showing as we are unable to verify your account where as when I installed the app it was working fine for 2 days but now it’s showing not able to verify your account. Please help what to do now admin.

  3. Avi says

    Its not working bro. They are saying participants are full. What to do now? Any other age group?

    1. sarvesh singh says

      Wait to re live this offer.We inform u when start

  4. Av says

    I receive email but didn’t receive any code….

  5. vinay says

    How do i know that points has credited to my account after one month please reply.

  6. Aditya says

    Sir i am Using J2 is it Compatible or not,I am also getting the same we are Unable to Verify ur account.????

  7. Sam says

    What type of privacy we earning money from third party software or about porn links ??

    1. sarvesh singh says

      every data is send to Google for research .Just i am saying this.

      1. Sam says

        Thanks Sarvesh for update !

  8. Rasmi Ranjan says

    where to check the points.

  9. Aditya says

    Sir As u are getting that participation is not active me too getting same please help.?????

  10. NJ says

    How to check my account balance?

    1. sarvesh singh says

      You will recive email with your code and url where u see your balance.

      1. Av says

        I receive email but didn’t receive any code….

  11. Naveen Bhatt says

    but it shows we are unable to verify your account at this time

    1. sarvesh singh says

      Your phone must be higher than jelly bean oS.

  12. Sameer says

    how to show balance??? N cn I redeem these points for Amazon??? whn I reach 500 points????

    1. sarvesh singh says

      Yes you can redeem to amazon or flipkart or 70 stores.When u reach 500 then you can reddem

  13. Sohail says

    Where can I see my rewards? Will they (rewards) will be given through mail? I installed it and everything is fine but how do I know how I got 300 for installing this app?

  14. Ajay oberoi says

    Where to see my points in the app

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