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Paytm Loot : Rs.3 Cashback on Rs.1 [3 Times Per User]

These type Of Hattrick offers are coming Back 2 Back by Paytm. Recently it was hosted by Trideals , and Now eTravelSmart has hosted it. The Best thing this time is that in eTravelSmart you don’t need to Login / Sign up just fill a form and Transact by this it becomes very easy to loot paytm with many account. This will Really save your Time.

Steps To get Rs.3 cashback on Rs.1 :-

  • Visit the Offer Page Link – Click here
  • Now Just Fill Your Details in the Form and Click on “Buy Now” Button.
  • Now you will be redirected to Paytm Checkout Page. 
  • Login there and Pay Rs.1 (Do it 2 more times to get Rs.9 Cashback)

Terms and condition:-

  • You will receive Rs.3 within an hour. 
  • Each Paytm User can Transact 3 Times Under this Offer.

Proof :-

Earnings :-

  • If You do it with 1 Account : Rs.9-3 = Rs.6 
  • If You do it with 3 Account : Rs.27-9 = Rs.18 
  • If You do it with 5 Account : Rs.45-15 = Rs.30 
  • If You do it with 10 Account : Rs.90-30 = Rs.60 
  • If You do it with 20 Account : Rs.180-60 = Rs.120 
  • And Lot more if you have More Accounts :)

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