Paytm Has Launched Paytm Postcard, Now You Can Gift money to your friends, family

Digital Payments company, On Monday Paytm, has introduced two new features to its services. The first feature is Paytm Postcard through which we can send money as a gift to friends and family. The second allows you to send money directly from your phonebook. Paytm Postcard is available for both iOS and Android but the second feature is available only for Android.

At present, the second feature is available for Android only. It allows you to add money automatically to the wallet. In next week, it is expected to be available for iOS users. Postcard feature will also be useful for the corporates across India which offer gift money to the employees as a respect during the festivals and events.

This postcard can be modified with a message for special occasions and can instantly be sent to the Paytm users in India. On the Paytm App, the feature is available as an icon.

Paytm has Launched Postcard Through Which You can send money to your loved ones

Paytm has Launched Postcard Through Which You can send money to your loved ones

On talking about the Launch, the Senior Vice President of Paytm, Deepak Abbot said, Individuals from all walks of life, including army personnel, traders and daily wage workers living away from home prefer sending money to their loved ones using our platform. With Paytm Postcards, users will now be able to add an emotional touch to their gifts and spread the joy during special occasions and festivities.

In the country about the gifting industry which is fixed at $40-42 billion, Paytm wants to build own personal gifting by offering Paytm Postcards in the way of offering gift money.

How Will You Use Paytm Postcard?

If you want to send a Postcard through Paytm, follow the given procedure. First of all, go to home screen of Paytm and select "Postcard". Then enter the mobile number of your friend whom you want to send the Postcard. With the message add the amount. Paytm will also give the option to choose the occasion theme. The themes are of Birthday, Rakhi, Thank You and Lucky You among others.

On the website of Paytm it says, this facility can be used to send money to anyone through a smartphone and the Paytm app at zero fees. Then the money can be used to pay online and offline transactions.

The person whom you will send the Postcard will receive an SMS and a push notification. Once the e-gift is opened the money will be added to the wallet. In the Paytm app under the section of 'My Postcards,' you can keep the track of all sent and received postcards.

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Here is how to use Phonebook to send Money via Paytm.

First, you need to update your Paytm app, then you will get this feature. You just need to go to Play Store and update the Paytm. NOTE: When we were writing this article the feature was not available.

If you have Paytm updated, then open the contacts list on your phone. Choose the name whom you want to send the money then click on 'Send Money'. Enter the amount and click on send button.

So guys try these new features of Paytm and share your views about it.

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