Paytm Releases Paytm Cash, Physical Card Features in New Update

Paytm Releases Paytm Cash, Physical Card Features in New Update, Finally paytm added some new features in their android app, Earlier paytm has added some features like BHIM UPI, Payments bank etc.

Some of the features are not available for all Indian users but today paytm updated their android app and these features is available for all users. Moreover Paytm has made a new server-side change, and it brought a new feature dubbed Paytm Cash.

This might sound like just another feature, but that’s not the case as Paytm is no more allowing users to transfer cashback's of products to bank accounts.

Paytm Payments bank

Also, Paytm said that it has over 280 million users and over 5 million merchant partners, and also became the first payments app to cross the 100 million downloads mark on Google Play Store.

This is a big blow for eager buyers on Paytm. Similarly, this feature doesn’t even allow users to transfer the cashback to another Paytm user as well.

The Paytm Cash will automatically be used when you make payment at any paytm accepting merchants.

"All Your future cashback will now be converted to 'Paytm cash' but for you, nothing changes but for you nothing vegetates you can use your Paytm cash just as you used your cashback plus the are accepted everywhere where you pay using paytm and can also be used to pay for any order but do note that paytm cash are non-transferable to others Paytm users ot to any bank account."

The other new development is the addition of being able to order a physical debit card from the app. This is only applicable if you have a savings account with the Paytm Payments Bank (which can also be accessed via the Paytm app).

This is only for people who have accounts with the Paytm Payments Bank - it is not for the Paytm Wallet, which is a separate financial device altogether.

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When you sign up for a Paytm Payments Bank account, you are issued a virtual RuPay card that you can use online at no additional charge.

paytm card

The Paytm physical card is also a RuPay card, can be used at stores and ATMs. The cost for the debit card is an annual subscription of Rs. 100, plus delivery charges; a lost card replacement will also be charged at Rs. 100 plus delivery.

You can use the card with No additional charges at ATMs up to three times at metro locations, or five times at non-metro locations, as per the Paytm Bank website.

After that, there is the standard Rs. 20 per transaction fee.

To order a Paytm Rupay physical card head to download / update paytm app from the google play store now. follow below steps to know more in details

Steps to Order Paytm Physical Card - 

  1. To order a physical card from Paytm Download or update Paytm app from Google play store
  2. After Updating Paytm app Login or create a new account on paytm.
  3. If you are creating a new account on Paytm then at first you have to ope a payments bank account.
  4. Now Tap on bottom "bank" button.
  5. Then tap on your physical card.
  6. Click on order physical card.
  7. Select you delivery address and Make Payment.
  8. Paytm physical card will cost you Around Rs 100.

Check Paytm Card Image - 

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