How To Play & Install Pokemon Go Game in Android smartphones

Hi Guys, Remember adorable Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander in Pokemon cartoon in our childhood days.They all return in our real life in the form of very real game pokemon Go & in crypto world new NFT launch on pokemon and making money .

Pokemon Go game is very Viral in these days every one talking about it and lot of confusion how to install where we get files etc etc.So here we Give you all details how to install and play pokemon Go in your android phones.


What Is Pokemon Go Game:-

Pokemon GO is an ‘augmented reality’ game that actually lets you move around your city in hunt for different Pokemon’s to capture – exactly like Ash Ketchum in his journey.It Gives you feel that your Pickatchu is in-front of you and you have to catch different type of pokemon and earn points and play the games.

Requirement To Run this Game in Your Android SmartPhone:-

  • Need an Android Phone with Camera.
  • GPS Connection.
  • 3G/4G/WiFi Internet Connection.

So Here it is main part How to install Pokemon Go in Your android phone .Initially it is launch For IOS device only and Now on Nintendo's launch it for android also and officially released in the US, Australia and New Zealand, with Pokémon fans in the UK, Japan and the rest of the world having to wait - though new regions are officially getting Pokémon Go at a regular pace.But as i can't  wait to official release in India so i downloaded and played so now i am going to tell you how you install and play this game now.

Step To Install Pokemon Go Game in Your Android App:-

  1. First Of All You Have To Go Official android downloading website:- [ Install Pokemon Go Android Game ] (If You are Unable to install try this link also :- Direct APK Install)
  2. Now You see android store just search Pokemon Go in the website.
    android pokemon go install steps
  3. You see Pokemon Go app now click on it and click Download Now Button.
    android pokemon Go
  4. In next page select app version and click download Now Button.
  5. Just wait to download the Game and Now install the game.
  6. Bingo ! You have installed the Pokemon Go app successfully.

How To Play Pokemon Go Game:-

pokemon go

So You have install the Game Right ? Now open the Game It ask to sign in with your Gmail id click on it and allow the permission.Now You have To create your Avatar to play this game create it .

Now you are ready To play this game Just on your GPS and Net connection to start this game.As you walk in your home or street new types of pokemon and different types of activity you have to perform and you earn points and level up your stages.

That it ! Slowly you master this Game and be frequent to collect pokemon.

Final Words:-

Guys i provide you here all the latest news and methods about pokemon Go Game yet it we have to wait its official release in India.

Also in mid time also check pokemon go app on play store they are launched and releasing exciting features to play.

So we get more personalize features Here i update all the latest detail about this game so keep checking this space and ask your query if you have and if you think some thing is missing or incomplete let me know i add.


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