Play Games On “Little” App, Collect Coins and Grab Flat 50% Discount Coupon

Hello friends, if you are a gameholic then this is a great deal for you. It is like free butter on your meal. Little deal app has launched a new feature in which you can collect coins by playing game and watching videos. Those points one can redeem as to purchase 50% discount vouchers which will give you discounts on your next purchase and the great thing is it is valid for all the deals. Buy collecting 300 points you can redeem 30% discount coupon & for 500 points you can redeem 50% discount coupon.

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Playing is fun believe me, you can even sell this coupon to needy peoples and make some good money by selling there vouchers. Flat 50% discount on little app on minimum purchase of rs 500 is really a big deal. It means you’ll get rs 1000 worth quality items at just rs 500.

How to play game to win discount coupon?

  • Download & Install updated little deal app,   Download Now
  • Login or register to little deal
  • Now scroll down and you’ll see banner as shown below, click and open

little deal play and win discount voucher

  • Now you see there are three various platforms to earn points
  • Video reviews, Traffic cop game and paparazzi
  • Check below in details how to do above things

1. Video reviews,

  • All you have to do is to record 10 second video at the merchant
  • Now tag the merchant to the viview (Option available when you start recording)
  • That’s it, You’ll earn 60 coins for each video review you add

2. Traffic cop game,

little deal play and win game

  • Click to traffic cop banner
  • Further proceed to continue and start the game
  • All you need to do is to park the vehicle to respective area
  • There are two vehicles, one is TAXI and another is CAR
  • Tap the vehicle and swipe left or right according to parking area shown there
  • Remember that, parking area changing continuously, so be careful
  • As soon as you fail to park correctly, game will be over
  • If you’ve scored great then submit the points else retry and play again
  • Remember, you can submit score only once in 24 hour. It means if you submit lower score first and then in next try you get higher point system wont allow you to submit score again. So submit only if you’ve scored around 50 points
  • Watch out following youtube video to understand the game, how to play

3. Paparazzi,

little deal play game and win discount voucher

  • This one is also an interesting game you may love
  • Here a frame with a photo will be slide, photo may show you either Model or Zombie
  • All you’ve to snap only “MODEL” photo and not “ZOMBIE”
  • It means ignore zombie’s picture while snap the model correctly
  • Collect points by continuously snapping the right one and submit it at the end once you reach to the good score
  • Watch out following youtube video to understand the game, how to play

4. Shake and win,

  • This one is easiest way to get free coins in little
  • Go to little coins page, same as above
  • Now simply shake your phone and you’ll get some points
  • Do thid every day to earn free coins

How to redeem points:

  • Once you submitted score and collected enough points then you can redeem them for free coupon voucher i.e 300 points or 500 points
  • Tap to profile icon to redeem your points, as shown

little deal play and win discount coupon earticleblog

  • Then slide and select coupon, click to “Exchange coins for Coupon”

little deal play and win discount coupon

  • Grab discount voucher against your coins
  • Simple and sober ;)

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