Predict the game & events Outcomes On WIMO App & Win Real Money

Do you like predict and win games where you have to predict the outcome and you can win lots of money then WIMO platform is for you.

WIMO is a platform for individuals to start making predictions about the outcomes of future events by investing their knowledge. You may select from a variety of categories and themes based on your preferences.

WIMO APP, Trade on Your Opinion

Furthermore, Wimo provides a very simple trading method, making it easier for people with no prior trading expertise to make forecasts.

Wimo bringing new innovation in the field of fantasy sports by introducing simple YES/NO prediction game where every one can win by making their opinion.

How is Wimo a discovery of truth platform?

Users of Wimo, like users of other markets, would have differing YES/NO judgments on the result of real-world events taking place around them.

Wimo turns these differences in viewpoints into trading opportunities.

Users on the Wimo platform would evaluate patterns, establish a price (probability) for their thoughts, and trade those opinions with other Wimo users.

People’s perceptions and probability vary as facts change. The price of YES and NO at any one time represents the crowd’s opinion. In a marketplace, price is the truth, as they say.

Only when two Wimo users match their trades does the true pricing emerge. Hence, Wimo leverages the wisdom of the masses to establish the truth. In simple terms, put your money where your mouth is!

Features of Wimo Platform:

  • 24 * 7 trading– Round the clock trading is available, so you can trade at your convenience.
  • Buy and sell on real-life events- The following categories of events would be listed on Wimo – Covid, Business & Economics, World Events, Politics, Science and Technology, Entertainment, Sports and more, you can trade based on your expertise and interest
  • Commission Free Trading – To all our users we are providing a 0% commission till 20th May to experience the application.
  • Refer and earn ( 3 days of Commission-free trading )- If your friend successfully registers for an account using your referral code, both you and your friend will receive three days of commission-free trading. There are no restrictions on how many friends you may recommend.

How to trade on Wimo?

Forming an opinion to trade on the Wimo platform is straightforward and takes only three steps:

1. First of All Install the WIMO APK & Open it for sign up.

2. Now skip the welcome screen & click sign in/sign up button to enter your mobile number for OTP verification.
(If it ask for wimo referral code put 0V8ZL3 for commission free trades )

3.Choose an event and form an opinion (YES / NO) on it (it’s always best to form your opinion by doing some research).

wimo predict and win cash

4. Set your price and select the desired quantities you want to trade on.

Wimo bid earn

5. Once you’ve chosen a position, you’ll have to wait for the conclusion of the event before you may earn!

wimo answers earn money

6. As you win the game your winning amount will transfer to your wallet where you can place withdrawal request.

How to Earn Money on Wimo?

There are two ways to earn money on Wimo.

1. Event Settlement: Holding the matched positions until the event finishes is the easiest approach to cash out your investment in an event. When the event is settled, you will receive 10 rupees for each quantity purchased

.2. Sell: You might want to sell your position before the event is closed to lock in a profit or minimize losses. It can be done by placing a sell order to reduce the position.

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How is WIMO better than Fantasy Applications?

Hassle-free: The hassle of choosing 11 players, and then choosing your captain/Vice-captain on the fantasy application whereas on Wimo you just trade by clicking on ‘ yes ‘ or ‘ no’

Round the clock trading: While fantasy applications limit your engagement only to a few hours, Wimo offers 24 * 7 trade, so you can enjoy your cricket matches along with trading on Wimo.

The comfort of exiting: Once you have submitted your team on fantasy applications, there’s no going back which puts you and your morale down if your star players don’t perform in your desired manner. In prediction markets, you can always minimize your losses by squaring off your positions before the settlement of the event.

Want More Info! Watch Below Video:

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Your Data is safe with Wimo .Every time you log in to your account, you must input an OTP. SSL encryption is used on platform to provide secure data transit between you and websites or between two systems.

KYC allows us to safeguard consumers while also meeting statutory and regulatory standards.

It’s completely stress-free! Simply go to Profile > Withdraw Earnings > Enter the withdrawal amount > Choose UPI or Bank Transfer as your withdrawal method > Withdraw.

Wimo allows IMPS and NEFT withdrawals, with IMPS being the preferred method.

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