Prime Day Sale: Offers,Suggestions and FlashSale

Amazon Prime Day Sale is coming on 16th July 2018. There are lots of offers available on Prime Day Sale. The sale is for 36 hours. As from the name “Prime Day Sale”, it is exclusively available for Prime Members. So, if you want to avail this great Prime day sale then you need to buy Prime Membership plan. You can buy a prime membership for one month also.

Amazon Prime Day Sale
Amazon Prime Day Sale

Buy Prime Membership Plan for One Month at Rs 129.

Prime Day Sale info

  • Prime Day Sale Start Date- 16 July at 00:00AM
  • Duration- 36 hours only.
  • Access- Only for Prime Member.
  • Avail this offer- Join Prime for Rs 129 Only


Offers On Prime Day Sale

There are several offers in Prime Day sale. It is the biggest Indian Prime day Sale. There are many exclusive deals are available only for prime users.

Amazon Prime Day Flash Sale

Prime Day Sale
Prime Day Sale

On Prime day sale there are several flash sale held at the certain time. In this flash sale, you can buy exclusive products at a low price.

7 Days, 7 New Titles | Prime Day Sale

Prime day sale
Prime day sale

You can enjoy 7 days, 7 new titles on Amazon Prime Video. To avail this you have to purchase Amazon Prime Membership.

  • The 7 Days, 7 New Titles valid from 10 July to 16 July.

You can watch movies, TV shows, seasons and much more.

Suggestions For Prime Day Sale

Home & Outdoors Suggestions

SmartPhones & Accessories



    Is this nessary to join prime to avail offers?

    1. sarvesh singh says

      yes this sale only for prime members

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