These Are The Reasons Why Your Smartphone Battery Gets Low Too Fast !

Almost 60-70% of the people in the world are using a smartphone. For the buyers, the main factor was long lasting battery life to buy any phone. These are the reasons why your smartphone battery is draining too fast.

[h]Five Reasons Why Your Smartphone Battery Is Draining Fast[/h]

Almost everyone in the world is now using a smartphone. Everyone has a problem with battery bracing. As compared to others a mobile operating system like Android consumes much battery.  We all know that Android battery lasts for about 6-7hours. The buyer's important factor for buying a phone is Long Lasting Battery Life.

The smartphone battery life will die soon with the usage but if the phone is getting power hungry then you need to check what is wrong. So today here we will discuss some of the reasons why a smartphone battery is getting low too fast.

[h]#1. Bright Screen[/h]

Five Reasons Why Your Smartphone Battery Is Draining Fast

This is the main reason why the battery drains quickly. If the screen brightness is too high then you, yourself is killing the battery.

You must set your screen brightness to automatic mode or keep it to a minimum. This will save your battery power.

[h]#2. Wi-Fi[/h]

Wifi is the best way to use the Internet on the phone, as it reduces the mobile bill. At the same time, it will increase your electricity bill. If continuously your phone is searching for WiFi network then it reduces a lot of power. If you are not using Wifi then just turn it off.

[h]#3.  Background Apps[/h]

In no time this background apps can drain your battery. In an Android smartphone, many apps stay active in the background so they consume a lot of power. It is better to check the settings and disable running apps.

[h]#4. Battery Management Apps[/h]

Many install a battery power management app on a smartphone to increase the battery life of the Android phone. On Google Play Store there are many apps which increase the battery life. But all these apps won't do anything and it just increases the load on the smartphone and uses more battery power.

[h]#5. Outdated Operating System[/h]

We all know that every new Operating system which is released by smartphone manufacturers bring new fixes to our smartphone. Many times, new update bring bug fixes which solve the battery drain issue. Example, If you are using Kitkat in your Android then it will drain your battery much faster than Lollipop. Therefore, if you are running an older version of an Operating system, make sure to update it as soon as possible.

So guys make sure you are not doing these five things on your phone. Follow these five reasons and save your battery on your android phone.

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