Now Reliance JioPhone Also Has Google Maps In It!

Recently, Reliance Jio has announced JioPhone 2 and Jio Gigafiber. And with this Jio has disrupted the operating system of the market also. As recently, JioPhone has got the support of the few apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube. Now, finally, the KaiOS, Operating system will also support Google Maps in JioPhone and JioPhone 2. Yes, this keypad device will now support Google Maps also. Let us see everything in details.

JioPhone Has Google Maps Now

Already Reliance Jio has defeated the iOS in India and snatched away the market share from Android. According to the latest update on JioPhone, the users can now use Google Maps by using the GPS facility. Really this is a technological breakthrough as JioPhone is the cheapest feature phone with 4G technology available in the market.

The KaiOS devices will soon run, Google search, YouTube, Facebook, Whatsapp, Google Maps, Gmail. JioPhone will soon support these apps soon as they are yet to launch on the phone.

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How to install Google Maps on Reliance JioPhone?

Now, let us see how we can install the Google Maps on the Reliance JioPhone. Google Maps is a part of the Jio App Store, so all the users can download it from the Jio App store and install it on the phone.

On JioPhone, the Google Maps arise to support the basic functions which we can see on the Android and iOS apps. You can search for a place by entering the name and look up directions and other details. To use the Google Maps, first, you need to turn on the GeoLocation from the settings on the JioPhone.

JioPhone has Google Maps now

How Can You Use Google Maps On Phone?

This latest update of Google Map has two-wheeler mode, drive mode, train or bus option also. For example, a metro ride from Noida to Delhi accurately showed the information along with other options for bus and trains. It is good that Google has all the features which are there in the smartphone map app.

The only thing which slightly disappoints us is a small 2.4-inch screen for a driving mode. There is no voice navigation on this JioPhone version. While driving it gives all the instructions in the details so the user can follow. In the Maps app, there is an option of editing the destination or the starting point.

As earlier, we have informed that one can exchange their JioPhone with JioPhone 2 at a price of Rs 501.

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