Reliance New 3g Trick For Android Via DroidVpn

Today we are sharing a new awesome working trick for Android users. This is Reliance 3g trick via DroidVPN. Just follow below given steps-

Reliance 3g Trick For Android
Reliance 3g Trick For Android


  • First Download DROID VPN FROM Play store and open it 
  • Remember Try it as real host or in front query or in http. 
  • For android users put this in Droid VPN http headers. 
  • Here is the home page -vod.rcom.co.in/movies.htm/
  • In Droid VPN. Change setting to TCP Protocol 

Proxy –
Port- 3128
Host: vod.rcom.co.in/movies.htm/
X-Online-Host: vod.rcom.co.in/movies.htm/

  • Now connect and enjoy. :)
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