Generate Reliance Number Porting (UPC) Code Online

Reliance had closed all it's Voice call services in December due to this all of Reliance users has to Port other (Mobile Number Portability) networks many of all ready Port out But many of still did not Port out and Now No Mobile network coming that's why You can not generate UPC code now on.

It will arise very serious issue that you can not use your number to call or any other mobile services even their customer care number is now stopped working so user has no access to generate Porting code.

Currently closing of Reliance Operator is long time past and mostly OLD customer are port out in different operator and I hope you also done if you have not done and wana port out please try below method if it work out greta or call customer care to get UPC code still not able to Generate UPC code please comment below so i sort out.

But Today we are going to tell You steps to generate UPC or porting code Online via RCOM official website .By using Online website you do't have to Search Reliance signals any where to send Porting sms and get Porting code .You can do this online in just few seconds and You can your UPC code any other mobile number which You Provide Online during Generating code.

Requirement to Get UPC Code:

  • Reliance Mobile Number.
  • Reliance SIM Number (mentioned in back side of SIM).
  • Alternate Mobile Number to Receive UPC code

Steps To Generate Reliance Number Porting Code (UPC Code) Online:

  • Go to Reliance RCom Official website: RCom Offcial website Link ]
  • Now You see UPC Code for MNP Banner in right side.
  • Click this Banner to open UPC form .
  • Here Enter your reliance Mobile number first then Same reliance number sim number .
  • And in Last Alternate Mobile number where you Get your UPC code for Mobile number Portability .
  • Now enter Captcha and click SUBMIT button .
  • Bingo! You received UPC code on your alternate mobile number .Now Go to shop and do MNP and start using your number.

Important Points:

  1. Online Porting or UPC Generation is Valid till 20 March 2018 only.
  2. You need SIM number to authorize its your sim .



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