Simple Steps To Repair Corrupted Pen Drive Or SD Card

Hello, readers, earticleblog is back with a new topic, which will help you to repair your corrupted memory card or Pen Drive. I guess, there are many, whose pen Drive is damaged or SD Card, and you have important files in it. Now, you can get all those important files which are there in your damaged Pen Drive. Here we have brought simple ways by which you can repair your memory card or pen drive. Go through the full article to know these simple steps.

Dealing with damaged pen drive or SD card is hectic. It takes hours to get the storage back in working but we don’t get anything. We see online, there are lots of questions about “My pen drive is corrupted” or “My SD card is not working.” This problem occurs due to a virus or if you insert the USB in an improper way.

In today’s world, almost everything is depended on data transfer. We can transfer data through a memory card or Pen Drive, Hard drives. As we know, these portable devices get damage due to different reasons, but now you don’t need to worry. As you can easily repair your corrupted device.

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How To Repair Your Corrupted Memory Card/USB Pen Drive

This method will delete all your files from USB Pen drive. If there are important files then you need to use the recovery tool to restore all the data before following this method.

Below we have discussed few steps, check it out:

1. Using Troubleshooter

Simple Steps To Repair Corrupted Pen Drive Or SD Card

Troubleshooter is one of the best ways to solve all the problems of Hardware. You just need to go to start menu and to “Trouble Shooting” >> Hardware and Sound and select “COnfigure a Device”. Then follow the instructions which are given on the screen to solve your USB device problem.

2. Updating USB Driver

If Windows does not read your USB Pen Drive then outdated drivers might be a problem. But, sometimes updating the device driver can fix any problem. If you don’t know how to update the device drivers then follow the given steps:

  • 1. First, open the RUN Box and type in devmgmt.msc. Then it will open the device manager.
  • 2. Now, here you have to expand the USB as Universal Serial Bus Controllers. The corrupted USB device will be seen as ‘Unknown Devices’.

  • 3. Do right click on the unknown devices and then click on Update Driver option.

Now, it will let you know if there is any necessary update. You just need to update it and your USB problem will be solved.

3. Changing the Drive Letter

Many times we can’t assign the drive letter to our storage media and because of this, all the files can’t be accessed. Here are the steps on fixing your pen drive or memory card by giving a correct drive letter.

  • 1. First, connect your USB to your Computer. Then do right click on My Computer and then click on “Manage”.
  • 2. Then click on “Disk Management”.

  • 3. Then right on your USB and select “Change Drive Letters and Paths.”
  • 4. From the drop-down menu, choose a drive letter and click OK.

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4. Reinstalling the Drivers

Many times, your computer won’t detect your storage media drivers. So, you need to reinstall it by following these simple steps:

  • 1. Right click on “My Computer” and then click on “Manage”
  • 2. Then click on “Device Manager” on the left side.
  • 3. Now select “Disk Drives” in the list and select your pen drive.
  • 4. Must click on “Uninstall” and click on OK.
  • 5. The last step is to remove your Pen Drive from PC and restart your computer. Again connect your Pen Drive to PC, it will show it.

 5. Repairing PenDrive using Windows Explorer

If you want to repair USB drive from Windows Explorer only then you need to forget all the data. As we need to format USB Pen Drive, so all the data will be erased. So, if you don’t have important data and wants to repair the Pen Drive then follow the given steps:

  • 1. Open My Computer and do a right click on the corrupted Pen Drive.
  • 2. Now, select Format from the drop-down menu. And Click on “Restore Device Defaults”.
  • 3. Click On “Start” to start formatting USB. For the more deeper scan, uncheck the Quick Format Option.
  • 4. Then Press “OK”. You are done, your Pen Drive Or Memory Card is erro free now.

6. Using CMD

  • 1. First, Connect your Pen Drive or memory card to your PC and remove all the drives which are connected.
  • 2. Then click on Start and type cmd. Press enter.
  • 3. Now in command prompt type DISKPART and it will ask for permission, click ok.
  • 4. Type List disk and will see the list of all the disk. There will be an external drive.
  • 5. Now type select disk disk_number and press enter.
  • 6. Type Clean and press enter.
  • 7. Then Type create partition primary and then press enter.
  • 8. Type active and press enter.
  • 9. enter the command select partition 1.

  • 10. type format fs=fat32 and press enter.

It’s done! It will take some time and then your drive is ready to use.

You can also fix it by Using USB Fix Software.

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  1. This best way is using TestDisk in Linux Distro. It can even fix the partition but the above method useful but not that much.


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