Resume ANY Broken Download in OperaMini

Hello Guys, how are you? I’m back with a new trick, u ever faced this type of problem.

Many times we try to download something from our android device, download stopped or say FAILED due to network disturbance or any other reason.

It is so annoying  of course Irritating. 

Some mobile browsers support to RESUME the DOWNLOAD, but the Lightest browser Opera Mini doesn’t. So, here is a trick for those guys who are using Opera Mini. 

It works also on Opera Mini also.

So here is a way you can resume ANY broken download, even if you reboot your phone. Lets get started-


  • Android Device.
  • Opera Mini / opera mobile
  • file manager (any)
  • For finding this trick (I hereby take no responsibility of your amazing data getting wasted trying or using this trick or your precious download failing or your device not able to run Bad Piggies or Asphalt 7 or Temple Run being laggy or IMEI loosing or Graphical Glitches or Devices bricking, blah).

  • 1. Download anything IN OPERA MINI and wait it to fail (Here, we assume you downloading map.zip)

    2. Once it is failed, DON’T CLICK ON RETRY and go to any file manager and to path of that file and rename it to whatever you like (e.g.: map2.zip)

    3. Go again to Opera Mini and click on RETRY now.

    4. As soon as it shows 0.1 Mb downloaded, PAUSE it.

    5. Go again to File Manager and you may see two files, first one which you recently renamed and new download file of approx 0.1 mb(or of size it was when you PAUSED it) [Paused file will have original download name such as map.zip]

    6. Rename new file to whatever you want and rename the previously failed download to its original name [map.zip(paused download) whatever.zip] [map2.zip map.zip]

    7. Go back to Opera Mini and resume the download. Download will RESUME from WHERE IT WAS FAILED. [Make sure Opera Mini isn’t killed in renaming process as you may have to redo the whole process if it does].

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