Activate / Deactivate SBI SMS Alert (7-Step Registration Guide)

This is a simple guide on SBI Mobile SMS alert registration.

Getting notified with SMS alert in SBI on every transaction sounds good, right?

sbi sms alert registration
SBI SMS Alert Activation

SBI has a facility to send you short message service notification on deposit & withdrawal of money.

The transaction could be online or offline, you will receive an SBI bank SMS alert.

For example here is the screenshot example of message you will get for debit transaction:

Proof for SBI Amount Debit Alert
SBI SMS Alert Demo

So to get such messages, here is the process to register for SMS alert:

SBI Online Registration for SMS Alerts

SMS alerts is not just a notification for your transactions, but also informs you about any fraudulent ones.

Suppose you get a notification about a transaction that you never did, then you can immediately take action to block your card via SMS or online portal.

So if for some reason sbi sms alert not coming, then you can try below guide.

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Time Needed : 13 minutes

Step-by-step guide for registration of SMS alert on SBI Bank account:

  1. Open OnlineSBI Net Banking Portal and Login using Your Credentials

    At first, you need to open the net banking website on your smartphone or Laptop. Make sure to re-verify that the link is correct and secured. Now enter your username and password carefully. Use the on-screen virtual keyboard for more security.Login to OnlineSBI Net Banking

  2. Navigate to e-Services Menu Option

    Once you have logged in, look for the e-services option on the Menu bar present on top. Hover your mouse over it to reveal more options.SBI e-Services Option

  3. Click on SMS Alert Services Option

    In the list of menu options, there will be SMS Alert Services. Click on it to open SMS Alert activation or deactivation portal.SBI SMS Alert Services Option

  4. Choose your Account Number or Keep it Default

    If you have multiple accounts within the same bank. Choose the one for which you need to activate or deactivate SMS services. If you have a single account then it would be already chosen as default.SBI SMS Alert Account Selection

  5. Select services for SMS Alert Activation or Deactivation

    Finally, you will see the page with the list of services for which SMS alert service is available. There will be a lot of services, for example, Request for Stop Cheque. You can select Yes or No from the drop-down menu to activate or deactivate alert on it.Services Offered for SMS Alerts

  6. Activating Transaction Related SMS Alerts

    Apart from Stop Cheque service, there are 3 more services associated with transaction-related alerts. One is account getting credited above-set limit, second is account getting debited above-set limit, and final is account balance falls below-set limit. You can set the limit according to your preference and activate the service to get credit, debit, or low account balance SMS alerts.Activate Deactivate SMS Alerts in SBI

  7. Deactivating SBI SMS Alerts Completely

    To disable SMS alert services, there will be a link at the bottom of the page. Click on it or finally click on the Update button to verify the changes you made. Once done, you will see the confirmation message that SMS alerts on XXXXXXXXXX, updated successfully.SMS Alert of SBI Updated

SBI SMS Alert Services & Charges

Services offered under SBI SMS Alert Form:

  • Request for cheque stop
  • Debit Card Purchases
  • Cheque Book Issue Alert
  • Cheque dishonored alert
  • Hold on account
  • Remove hold on account balance
  • Account getting credited above set limit (Minimum Limit: ₹5000)
  • Account getting debited above set limit (Minimum Limit: ₹5000)
  • Account Balance falls below set limit

According to SBI official services charges,

SMS Alert charges are ₹12/- (incl. GST) per quarter from Debit Cardholders who maintain an average quarterly balance of ₹25000/- & below during the quarter.

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Final Words on SBI SMS Alert Activation Online

I hope you liked our simple and short guide on how to activate or deactivate SBI SMS alerts.

Let me ask you a question:

Have you ever faced a situation of fraudulent transaction or transaction you were unaware about? Share your stories below.

If you are unable to follow above steps or having trouble doing so, leave us a comment. We will get back to you with a proper solution for SBI SMS alerts registration.

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