How to Successfully Buy OnePlus Loop VR Headset @ Re. 1

Trick to Buy OnePlus Loop VR Headset: As you all might be aware about OnePlus, a famous company for smartphone is now stepping in the market of Virtual Reality world.

OnePlus have recently launched there OnePlus Loop VR Headset free of cost  on there official website and now they are giving away this amazing gadget at just ₹1 in upcoming Amazon Flash Sale.

As you are aware that Amazon is becoming a famous portal for such flash sale events and people are trying there best in order to get hand on their desired product which is being sold in flash sale at such a surprising price of just Rupee 1.

trick to buy oneplus loop vr headset

But buying in these flash sales is quite hard as hundred of thousands of customers are trying at the same time. So in order to make your task simpler and successful, below we are adding some of the tips and tricks to buy OnePlus Loop VR Headset successfully in Amazon Flash Sale.

Since this flash sale is App Only so we cannot use any script to buy OnePlus Loop Vr Headset but within 1 day or 2 we will come up with best method and latest trick to buy VR Headset in Amazon Flash Sale in Amazon India Mobile App.

{Important} Lesson & Tips Learnt from 3rd June Sale:

  • “Add to Cart” button will not come on Timer Page, it will come on Product Page.
  • When timer reaches to 5-10 seconds then immediately open product page.
  • Add to Cart button will be there directly / dynamically.
  • Do manually or use our auto click trick given below.
  • Make sure your smartphone’s time is set to automatic in settings for Date & Time.

OnePlus Loop VR Headset Flash Sale Date & Time:

Flash Sale for OnePlus VR Headset is going to be held on 3rd June & 7th June at 12 PM on Amazon India Mobile App.

oneplus loop vr headset next flash sale
Loop VR Headset Description:

Loop VR turns your smartphone into a private, 360° 3D theater, and there’s no disposable cardboard here. Headset is built out of robust materials for the ultimate visual experience. For a distortion-free field of view, lenses can be fine-tuned for a perfect focus.

Comfort is the name of the game thanks to adjustable straps and snug inner-padding. OnePlus also made sure that Loop VR fits comfortably over glasses.

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Youtube Advertisement for VR Headset:

YouTube video

Register for OnePlus Loop VR Headset Sale:

  • Click Below button to register for VR Headset Sale –

  Register for OnePlus Loop VR Headset

  • Then click on Register Now button. Login to Account and it will show Subscription Successful Message.
OnePlus Loop VR Headset Flash Sale
Specifications for Loop VR Headset:
  • Dimensions: 188 × 120 × 100 mm
  • Field of View: 100°
  • Compatible Devices: Most 5-6” Smartphones
  • Lens Type: Orthoscopic
  • Weight: 366g

How to Buy OnePlus Loop VR Headset Successfully:

  • Click Below button to Download Amazon India Mobile App –

  Download Amazon India Mobile App

  • Login to your Amazon India Account.
  • Click Here to Create New Amazon Account & Earn Free Rs. 100 Gift Cart on Shopping.
  • Now go to OnePlus Loop VR Headset page on Sale Day.
  • You will see a countdown timer where you will see buy now button.
  • You need to click on that buy now button as fast as you can.
  • Before that make sure to synchronize your smartphone’s time with Internet or Network Provider.
  • To do so just open your phone’s setting.
  • Go to (Advanced Settings) – > Date & Time.
  • Finally tick mark on Automatic Date & Time.

Trick to buy OnePlus Loop VR Headset:

  • First of all,
  • Download Auto Clicker App from Play Store.
  • Another app named RepetiTouch can do the work more faster :)

  Download RepetiTouch Pro Apk

  • Note: Your phone must be rooted to use this app.
  • Open Amazon App, go to Flash Sale Page
  • Set the area for clicking using Auto clicker app.
  • It will automatically starts clicking on that area where you specify it to click for Add to Cart button.

Note: Add to Cart button will appear on Product Page for OnePlus VR Headset. So record your click even using RepetiTouch app on Product Page.

Oneplus VR Headset Buying Proof:

Here is image attached for proof:

VR Headset Buying Proof

Video Tutorial for RepetiTouch App:

Below we are sharing how to use RepetiTouch App. All you need to do is record a task and play it. It will automatically perform your click task.

YouTube video
How to use RepetiTouch App in Amazon App Only Flash Sale:

Note: Add to Cart button will appear on Product Page for OnePlus VR Headset. So record your click even using RepetiTouch app on Product Page.

  • Before starting let me remind you that this trick will work only on rooted smartphones.
  • For rooting your smartphone use Kingroot which gives one click root ease.
  • Download RepetiTouch Pro App Apk from above link.
  • Open RepetiTouch App, allow root permission.
  • Xiaomi users need to allow popup window permission in Security app.
  • RepetiTouch app simply records your activity and replay it on your request.
  • Playing speed can be easily adjusted in settings.
  • Open Amazon Mobile App and go to Oneplus VR Headset Timer Page.
  • After opening RepetiTouch window, click on Red Circle button to record your “Click activity”.
  • Now click on area where you are seeing timer.
  • For a safe side click on multiple locations where you expect Buy Now button to appear after countdown timer reaches 0.
  • Now click on white square button to stop recording the activity.
  • Click “Blue Star” button in RepetiTouch window and click on Settings.
  • Scroll down and set your desired Replay Speed. Prefer above 10.
  • 10 means your activity will run 10 times faster.
  • Now come back and play this activity by long pressing on “Green Play” button for 2 seconds.
  • Then click on “inf” for infinite. Means it will not stop running until you tap on your smartphone’s screen.
  • Play your Click activity just 2 or 5 minutes for sale.
  • Make sure your smartphone’s time is perfect and set to automatic.
  • I hope doing this you will get your OnePlus Loop VR Headset. But as you know there going to be huge rush so to make your work easier use this trick and improve your chances of getting hand on this Virtual Reality Headset.
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  1. Abhishek bro which phone u use.. If u using Redmi Note 3. Then tell us how u have rooted your mobile… Please tell me all process of rooting Redmi Note 3.

  2. Same here i also add to cart option when 1% is claimed and in another phone i am in waitlist and no one is booked . After using 4g internet on both handset and network are also different (airtel&voda)

  3. I clicked on time when only 2% was claimed. Then it started showing checking deal status and it took atleast 1 min to give me a message that “Waitlist is joined”. WTF is this :|
    Unable to purchase this shit now.

  4. Don’t worry about product page. It will appear within few minutes before sale around half an hour before sale :)

  5. No banner and
    Not product page or other page of loop vr headset via search also

    In last sale it’s available
    Already on latest app on mobile

  6. Bro is airtel 4g Internet sufficient to book this vr reality set?? Please rply fastly!! And also told me which is its product page where add to cart appear exact location?

  7. Dear abhishek sir i am using redmi note 3 mobile i tried rooting my phone via king root app but it doesn’t get rooted so what should i do please help i desperately meed the vr loop headset

    • Register for sale using above given link and on the sale day Amazon will directly show banner few hours before sale :)

  8. i rooted my device but repti touch pro app is not starting ,it is showing that “starting up,pleasr wait” for a long time and after long time a message pop up root access not granted. But i rooted my device

    • You rooted from which app ? Open that app, there you will find list of apps you have given or revoked root permission. Simply click there and allow RepetiTouch app.

      Or else reinstall RepetiTouch app and when you open it a popup will appear asking for allowing for root permission.

  9. Congrates for getting the Loop VR in Flash sale, Another thing please let me know , how you got this by manually or by Repetitouch app ?????

  10. Hi,

    Please let me know in which area “add to cart” button appears . If you have any Video captured of the 3rd June sale please upload in this blog, so we can prepare confidently. Your buying screen shot is big, do you run android simulation app like Bluestacks etc. Thanks

    • Tips & tricks Learnt from 3rd June Sale:

      “Add to Cart” button will not come on Timer Page, it will come on Product Page.
      When timer reaches to 5-10 seconds then immediately open product page.
      Add to Cart button will be there directly / dynamically.
      Do manually or use our auto click trick given below.
      Make sure your smartphone’s time is set to automatic in settings for Date & Time.

      No I didn’t used any android simulation app, I bought it using my smartphone and later taken screenshot from Amazon India website from Laptop.

      • It Didn’t appear dynamically. i followed your way and the button is not added dynamically i clocked the link on 5 sec and my time is set to Automatic setting from the network. once i go back and come to the product page the wait list was full. Kindly try or make sure it works before posting those instructions in your blog.

        • I was able to buy at last sale. In this sale amazon shown timer page 10 minutes before sale to lower down the rush and also the button might not appeared dynamically due to internet speed. I was also not able to buy due to lower broadband speed.

    • If you want to see Flash Sale page on Desktop for registration purpose then open link provided above in the post else simply search “One Plus Vr Headset” in Amazon Mobile App and then click on top banner present for the results.

      • By searching `One Plus Vr Headset`, I don’t see a banner for that. Hellp!!! I don’t see the flash sale page and product page, can anyone tell me how to get there?

  11. Does the product page automatically shows the add to cart option ASA the timer gets over? Or do we need to redirect from the timer page to the product page and then the ‘add to cart’ option appears!
    Because today the timer ran on the first screen and clicking on the product opened the product page where there was no timer.
    So how to use the click trick here?

    • Yes add to cart will appear dynamically on product page. You just need to set the click events on possible locations where add to cart button will appear. Check for other normal products and set position according to those. :)

  12. Nice post bro thanks I buy this product without any rooting or clicker app.☺can u tell me its actual cost and what its used????

    • It actual cost might be in the range Rs. 500 – Rs. 1000

      It is used to experience virtual reality. You have to put your smartphone in front of it and play any 360 degree video (youtube) and wear it.
      You will feel as if you are present there. It rotates the video as you move your head right, left, up and down.

      You can play roller coaster 360 video and feel as if you are sitting on it and enjoying the heights :)

      • Super bro thanks for this suggession can you tell me which domain and hosting provider u r using please iam opening my site so

  13. Bro any other way to best rush to buy one plus 3 vr bundle on amazon?
    Rather than rooting my device?
    Bro plz tell me that upto which speed Internet connection i should have in order to get that vr bundle by clicking manually?

  14. Link de do iska jahan countdown timer aata hai???? jahan se buy kar sakte ???? ya bata do kahan se aata hai aise hi

  15. when I clicked on add to cart button for aprrox. 1 min It showed checking deal status but I accidently pressed the back button so I lost it . was that 1 min. loading was a network error or it actually happens to wait

  16. bro if you were successful will you plz buy vr headset for me on 7 June . I will also pay you 10-20 paytm money.

  17. No oneclick and repittouch not working so i lost this. And if anyone want to sell their vr then i pay the double amount of this offer.

  18. Anyone got oneplus vr!?
    I’m ready to give amount with shipping charges. Contact me- 9833385922. Thank you!

  19. Can we increase the replay speed so as to increase our chances.
    By the way i am using samsung galaxy s4 rooted, so can I use more than 20x or what should be the maximum number of replay speed.
    Please reply asap..
    Thnx :)

    • Bhai wo sirf demo k liye dikhaya h. Tumhe bs Amazon App kholna h or jaha timer dikh raha hoga uske jagah click wala record krke play krna h.

      • Aur ek baat bhai..maine ye lightening deal mein demo k liye try Kia tha..kbhi work krta hai kabhi nhi.. Iska koi solution ho toh plz bta do?

        • Bhai jis place pe Buy Now button aata h us place pe click record karoge to har br work karega for sure :)

          Agar doubt ho Buy Now button ki exact place pe to 2-3 point pe click krke record krlo hr point pe click play hoga ;)


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