Share Your 3G/4G Data Packs with your Family & Friends in AirTel Freely

Airtel Data Share Plan: AirTel Has Come again Crazy offer Now you can share your 3G/4G Data Packs with your Family & Friends Freely and Feel being Family. This offer is newly launch By airtel as You know airtel also offering 50 % cash back of used data in night.

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So after cash back data offer AirTel giving Data sharing offer for family Members it is very cool because you can enjoy both offer simultaneously also. Airtel Shared Data Plan. Talking about sharing then AirTel Money Offers the same opportunity in a mCommerce way.

Benefit & Logic Behind Data Sharing Offer :-

The main Logic Behind Family/Friend sharing pack is reducing spending on data packs. Airtel Friends and Family: As you know in family every one has a smartphone ,we do data recharges individually so imagine in family only single person do Unlimited 3G pack recharge and all the Family use same data pack then you save so many bucks because in family every one not use so much data some members use so much data and some just use data for stay updated.

So overall you can save lots of data and lots of Money. So below I am going to tell you Brief Steps How you going To do it. How to Transfer Data on Airtel is shared below.

Steps To Share Your 3G/4g Data with your Family/Friends :-

  • First Of all do 3g/4G data Recharge your Number.
  • Now Go to the Airtel data share offer page :- Data Share Page ]airtel data share offer1
  • Now submit your Airtel Number and Click Go button.
  • Now Verify Your account By OTP or password.
  • Now add friends/family Airtel Mobile Number where you want to share your Data.
  • You can Add up to 5 airtel Numbers from which you can share your data.
  • Done ! Now Your Family members Notified By sms that he is added in family pack.
    airtel data share
  • As they Use Data ,used data is deducted in your airtel data balance you can check it By dialing *123*11#.

Terms & Conditions for Airtel Family and Friends Offer:-

  • The 'MyAirtel Family' service allows a prepaid user to create a 'family' of upto five (5) members including himself/ herself and share his/her 3G or 4G data pack with them. No sharing of 2G data packs is allowed.
  • The 'MyAirtel Family' service is free, i.e., there are no charges for creating a 'family'.
  • A prepaid user cannot create more than one 'family' simultaneously. Similarly, a prepaid user can be a member/ beneficiary of only one 'family' simultaneously. Friends and Family Plan in Airtel.
  • Airtel Family and Friends Code: The user creating a 'family' (hereinafter referred to as "Owner") will not require the consent of other users to add them to a 'family'. However, an added user (hereinafter referred to as "Member") may remove him/herself from the 'family' at any point in time by sending SMS <DEL> <space> <10 digit mobile number> to 121 or by logging on to
  • When a Member removes him/herself from a 'family', the Owner will be notified by SMS.
  • All Members will have unrestricted access to the shared data pack of the Owner. The Owner acknowledges and agrees that once a 'family' has been created, he/ she will not be able to restrict data usage of individual Members from the Owner's data pack. Also, the Owner cannot allocate a portion of his/her data pack for sharing and once shared, the Owner's entire data pack is available to the Members.
  • Full terms are here :- Check Here

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