Top 10 Working Web Sites Like Couchtuner in 2022 (Exclusive!)

Top 5 Working Websites Similar to Couchtuner in 2022 (Exclusive!)

Couchtuner Alternatives is one of the most searched queries these days. So we thought why not gift our blog visitors with working alternatives. Couchtuner is one of the most popular websites known for watching series online.

sites like couchtuner

But sometimes copyright own block links due to infringement. Couchtuner has a huge database of latest movies and TV series. But every other Govt. organization are taking strict steps to block these sites.

So at those times, you may find a need for any better alternatives. Below is the list of all similar websites where you can watch movies or TV series online.

Top Similar Sites Like Couchtuner

Sites Like Couchtuner
On Watch Series
Tubi TV
The Dare TV
The Series Online
Cafe Movie

So suppose one-day Couchtuner website shows blocked in your country. Then the only solution for you is to use some VPN.

But VPN makes your Internet speed slow due to multiple loop connectivity.

Hence, the best solution is to find an alternative for Couchtuner. Here are some of them –

1) On Watch Series

OnWatchSeries Couchtuner alternative

After Couchtuner, OnWatchSeries is one of the most popular sites for TV series.

They too have a huge database of TV series which you can either download or watch online.

Hence, it is most likely that you will find your favorite movie or TV series on their website.

The complete website is smooth to access and the user interface is also perfect. You won’t find any difficulty in navigating.

OnWatchSeries has various domains and has been online for a while now. With continuous shut down due to copyright infringement, they still bring new site and restore a complete database on a new server.

This makes it more reliable since you will definitely get their new website within days after the old one was shut down.

2) ProjectFreeTV

ProjectFreeTv Similar Couchtuner

ProjectFreeTV is a platform for watching TV series online. You can only watch TV series online on this website. It very much acts as a substitute for Couchtuner.

You will find all TV series you are looking for as it only has the database full of TV series. All you need to do is type the series name in the search box and watch complete series for free.

Although the website gives you the feel of the 90s. The user experience on this site is quite dull. You won’t see any image thumbnail for series. All you need to do is click on text links to access the series which you are searching.

3) Tubi TV

Tubi Tv Like Couchtuner

Tubi TV is a platform to watch free movies and TV shows online. It is the perfect replacement for the Couchtuner website.

Its user interface is very professional and smooth to access.

The only set back is that you need to register or sign up on their website. After creating an account you will be able to watch movies or TV series online.

It also has a very big junk of movies and TV series for free online streaming.

4) Cucirca

Cucirca Same as Couchtuner

Cucirca is an online streaming platform where you can watch latest TV series online. It only hosts TV series as of now and is very similar to Couchtuner site.

It provides a huge list of all latest and popular TV shows to watch from. The user interface is smooth and navigation to the latest show is very easy.

Moreover, their homepage is well organized with daily updates on site. Their homepage consists of dated navigation which mentions TV series released on that day.

Furthermore, they don’t have categories hence you won’t be able to find a particular genre. You need to search for the series you want to watch.

5) Ondarewatch – The Dare TV

The Dare TV Couchtuner Alternative

The Dare TV has the very professional look and good user interface. You can watch both movies and TV shows online here. The Dare TV is very much similar and best substitute for Couchtuner.

The best part is that they have a request page and a forum page. There you can request or discuss the shows or movies.

It follows the concept of tap and play. That means, when you are on the episode page of a series or a movie, all you need to do is choose the server. It will load that video dynamically and you can enjoy streaming for free.

It has a unique feature of saving videos to play later. You can click on that option and come back later to watch that later.

Few Honorable Mentions

  • CMoviesHD
  • The Series Online
  • Cafe Movie
  • Alluc
  • Veoh

Every year number of users utilizing the Internet and services are increasing. People are shifting from Television era to Internet. From news to entertainment, movies to TV series everything is being watched online.

More than 60% of the users are preferring their smartphone over any other device.

So the main form of entertainment for them is online. Streaming your favorite show or movie online will be best for this generation of smartphone and digital content age.

But to access movies or TV shows online you have to purchase some subscription of Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

There are few sites like Couchtuner which provides this for free. But sites same as Couchtuner aren’t operated legally. Hence, it is blocked in many countries.

So people are looking for Couchtuner alternatives where they can watch TV shows online for free.

I hope you liked this list of sites similar to Couchtuner. These websites are the best alternative to it. You can watch all TV series and your favorite movies online for free.

We don’t recommend doing this as it is a pirated content. This article is shared just for the Educational purpose. As an alternative, you can use Netflix Free Trial to watch series and movies online for 1 month.

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