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SixerGame, SixerGame Referral Code , SixerGame Faantasy App, Sixer Fantasy Apk Download, Sixer Stock Cricket, Sixer IPL Loot, Sixer Fantasy Referral Code - Hello friends, The IPL session is coming and as you already know the earning in IPL session is much high by fantasy app .

Today we come with a new fantasy app but this time you will feel different experience. Then it is possible by newly launched Fantasy App SixerGame. You will feel different experience after playing on this platform because it is basically the stock cricket fantasy.

 SixerGame Fantasy

SixerGame Apk is come with different concept . If you want to play the Fantasy Cricket in different mode, Then this app is for you. If yo want to earn lot of money in this IPL 2020 then this app is for you.

Playing on SixerGame is to easy, if you know little things about stock market then you having great probability to earn much more real cash by it. You have to only Buy or Sell the player to play in this app and earn much more money.

Sixer Fantasy Referral Code

Play on the Sixer Fantasy app and feel the different mode of fantasy. You will earn much more real cash by playing the simple fantasy game.

Sixer Game Fantasy offers you to earn Signup rewards as well as Referral rewards.

So download the Sixer Fantasy Apk and Signup via our Sixergame Referral Code - DGFYAL to get One Real Market Stock for free. However you can also earn one real market stock on each referral.

In simple ways, you can earn upto ₹100 on signup and each referral by selling your players and you will get one player free on on signup and Referral.

On our this blog, I will tell you , all about sixergame fantasy and its features.

SixerGame Fantasy Is a Stock Create. You can play by simple Buy & Sell the stocks (players) like stock market

Sixergame Fantasy Referral Code

App NameSixerGame
Apk DownloadClick Here
Referral CodeDGFYAL
CategoryFantasy App

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What Is Sixer Fantasy ?

Sixer is a unique and different app of fantasy cricket. In this platform we present virtual Stocks in top cricket players. You can buy a virtual Stock at the quoted buy price, and sell a virtual Stock at the quoted sell price to Sixer.

SixerGame Fantasy Apk

Earn Real Cash prize by your cricket knowledge. You just need to buy a player by coin and get real cash after selling your own player. It is a Stock Cricket. So you have a great chance to play in different fantasy game and earn easily.

Feature Of SixerGame Fantasy

  • First stock cricket game, play on it and feel different experience of fantasy game.
  • Get real money easily by playing simple bid games or by refer.
  • Signup now by using our sixer game referral code - DGFYAL to get one stock free.
  • You can sell your stocks or players to earn real cash.
  • Moreover, you can also refer & earn on sixergame to earn stocks.
  • Best choice to earn on this IPL by this app.

SixerGame Referral Code | Sixer Apk Download | Signup Reward

  • 3) After installing, just open and take a short tutorial.
  • 4) Then after, Skip Tutorial and get Start
  • 5) Now tap on Join Now or you can also join through profile tab.
  • 6) Enter your mobile number for Signup and tap on enter referral code.
  • 7) Enter the Sixer Referral code to get one stock free on signup.

Sixergame referral code - DGFYAL

Sixe referral code
  • 8) Now your verification will complete after mobile verification.
  • 9) You will receive 10000 Sixer Tokens to play in free to understand the stock cricket.
  • 10) Furthermore, you can switch to Real Market to earn real cash prize from profile tab.
  • 11) You will receive a free real market stock as a Signup Bonus, simply claim the stock.
  • 12) Pick your card, then you will receive a player as your luck.
  • 13) That's it, now you can sell your players after they play atleast 4 matches.
  • 13) Refer & Earn more stock to earn free cash.
  • 14) Start paying on sixer and get much more money easily.

Step To Play On SixerGame Fantasy

Playing on sixergame fantasy ie to easy and simple. Even you will not have to spend much time to play on this fantasy app and your earning is also good.

Basically you have to Buy the players or stocks according to their bid price and sell that's player to earn real money.

  • 1) Firstly choose which player you want to invest in remember to do your research first.
  • 2) Furthermore choose how many stocks you want to buy, you can buy maximum 50 stocks per player on every transaction.
  • 3) Now click confirm and keep tracking your portfolio to know the player rate.
  • 4) You can sell your player after they play atleast 4 match to earn real money.
  • 5) Withdraw your money instantly on your account

Refer & Earn Big On SixerGame

Refer and earn is a best option to earn real cash on sixer game fantasy. You will get one free real market stock on each referral to buy a player and you can earn by selling them.

SixerGame Refer & Earn

So collect the stock before this cricket session and earn unlimited cash.

  • 1) Firstly go to Invite Friends option from profile tab.
  • 2) Now, share your sixer referral code to your friends.
  • 3) You will receive 1 stock free on each Referral.
  • 4) Then you can sell your stocks to earn real money.

Terms & Conditions Of SixerGame

  • You can buy maximum 50 virtual Stocks of any Cricketer at the published buy price in a single transaction.
  • You need to verify your account before withdrawal.
  • Play the free game by using the sixer tokens,you didn't get real money by playing the free market game.
  • Every buy and sell order is displayed there, including the time stamp and Realized Gain/Loss from the transaction.
  • Similarly you can sell up to 50 Virtual Stocks of any cricketer at the published sell price in a single transaction.

Final Conclusion

Finally, there are a new type of fantasy in market with new concept. Here you can earn easily because of low competition.

If you really want to earn on cricket session then sixer fantasy is one of the best best choice to play. If you have little knowledge about stock market then this is your plus point. But everyone can play sixer fantasy game because it's to simple.

So, download the SixerGame App now and don't forget to apply our sixer app referral code to get one free cricket stock worth upto ₹100. If you have any quarry about this app then comment below, we will solve your problem. 

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