Real Truth Behind Jio SIM Free Home Delivery by Snapdeal

Snapdeal is an eCommerce giant and has one of the best marketing techniques to promote their brand. Previously we have seen Snapdeal acquiring Freecharge and this time they are grabbing the opportunity to stand with popularity of Jio SIM. Many news websites are telling you that Snapdeal is going to start Home Delivery for Jio SIM soon but the real fact is different then you think.

It is correct that Snapdeal is going to start giving Jio SIM as they leaked a sneak peek about it but it’s not for everyone, it’s for premium customers. Want to know how to become premium customer? Here we go-

Snapdeal Jio SIM Home Delivery Offer
Jio SIM Home Delivery via Snapdeal

But the thing is they are not giving Jio SIM to everyone who comes to their website and simply order Jio SIM for free. There are some hidden terms and conditions which are not yet out on many tech blogs and news websites and we are revealing all of them here in this blog post.

Snapdeal Jio SIM Home Delivery Offer

So let me tell you how I know this, after reading various news websites about Jio SIM Home Delivery, I opened Snapdeal Online Shopping website. Recently they introduced an online chat function where you can chat with Snapdeal customer care and solve your query. So I opened it and asked about new Jio SIM offer.

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Chat Conversation 1:

Me: jio sim?
Ravi Singh: Are you still connected with me?
Me: yes
Ravi Singh: The offer is valid for selected customers who are loyal and bought a 4G phone worth more than Rs. 10000, the company will choose their premium customer base and send out an e-mail to them for the offer. Users who get the mail from Snapdeal can click on the given link to enter their details and set up time at which they want the SIM to be delivered to them.
Me: Ok so we can’t directly order for jio sim. If someone buy 4g phone from snapdeal worth 10000 or more then from those customers snapdeal will choose few for this offer ?
Ravi Singh: Yes, Exactly like this.
Me: Thank you for the information :) Have a good day.

Chat Conversation 2:

Me: Hello
Kamal : Hi, good evening! I hope you are doing well, I’m Kamal from Snapdeal chat support.
Kamal : How may I help you today?
Me: Is Snapdeal’s latest offer on JIO SIM valid for everyone or selected customers ?
Me: JIO SIM Home Delivery offer
Kamal : I would be glad to assist you.
Are you still connected with me?
Me: yes
Kamal : I would like to inform you that the Jio sim offer will come with selected mobile phone above the range of INR 10,000.
Me: No, I am talking about this offer which this news website is telling.
Kamal : There are selected mobiles which comes with unlimited free jio sim offer. The offer will start from 31 dec.
Me: Oh.. so these news websites are telling that we just need to click on Book Jio Sim button and we will be asked for address details and aadhaar card etc to get sim.
Me: Means there is no direct jio sim ordering offer.
Kamal : Yes, you are right. There is no jio sim ordering offer.
Me: Thank You for the information. Have a good day :)
Kamal : The offer with come along with the purchased mobile phones.
Kamal : You are welcome.

So below I am wrapping up the summary of chat and every thing about this new Jio SIM home delivery offer.

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Terms & Conditions of Snapdeal Jio SIM Offer:

  • Offer is valid only for those who purchases 4G phone from Snapdeal.
  • Mobile should cost Rs. 10000 or more for you to get eligible (but not compulsory).
  • Lucky ones will be chosen from those customers who buys smartphone. (not all)
  • Snapdeal Jio SIM Home Delivery Offer starts from 31st December 2016.
  • Selected customers will get a special link to order Jio SIM.

I hope all your doubts will be cleared after this blog post on Snapdeal Jio SIM Home Delivery offer. If you still have any query regarding this then feel free to leave a comment below and we will get back to you asap. Also don’t forget to share this with your friends on social media to educate them that this is the truth behind the offer and what is actually spreading across other websites. Thanks for reading :)

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