Soluction to How to trace your mobile or friend mobile

Frndzz here i m giving u a tutorial to trace YOUR own no. or a frndz no.

actually i don’t know its wrk or not bcoz i don’t have android or symbian phne to test i have only java phne which doesn’t support

so lets start ——-


• Any cell phone that supports Google maps. eg. iPhone , Nokia , Blackberry , Symbian etc.

• Google Latitude. Which you can download by going to google.com/latitude from your cell phone.


• Go to http://www.google.com/latitude from your cell phone.

• Download the free app.

• Open the App.

• Enter You mobile number in the entry Field.

• Now You’ve set it up on your phone. Now you gotta set it up on your friends cell phone.


• You can add friends by their E-mail Addresses. Your friends will receive an E-mail with the download link of Google latitude.

• Or you can manually add yourself or ask your friend to add google latitude on his/her cell phone.

• Now you and your friend can add each other as friends on google latitude and you’ll get the exact location of where your friends cell phone is.

• There is exactly no limit to how many friends you can add in your latitude circle. ( just make sure you dont add your parents)

• Well so As soon as You and your buddy confirm each other as friends you get to see each others location.

• Well the most eye catching feature of google latitude is that you can use it online even without a cell phone.

• Just go to google.com/latitude from you PC, Follow the instructions, log-in into your account. And track You friends Locations !!


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