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How to Send Stickers On WhatsApp? (Video Added) Latest WhatsApp Trick

Wanna send Stickers on Whatsapp? Sound cools, here is the complete post on ‘ How To Send Stickers on WhatsApp?’. I know you’re curious to know the trick, how some people send stickers on Whatsapp and Why I’m not able to do the same?

How to Send Stickers On WhatsApp
How to Send Stickers On WhatsApp

Well, hold on and read the complete post. By the end of this post, you will able to send Stickers on Whatsapp. It’s my promise. Also, if you don’t like to read this fucking paragraphs and steps then you can watch videos on ‘ How to send Stickers on WhatsApp?’. The video is attached at the end of this post.

WhatsApp Stickers Trick :

Well, WhatsApp has introduced a new feature. This feature is available only in Beta Version. Soon they will launch the stable version for all people. But if you wanna try this cool feature then we have given you the latest version of Whatsapp. Download it from Here.

Now, to add stickers on Latest WhatsApp version, you have to install another app. It is similar to the Whatsapp Wallpaper. If you want more wallpapers then you have to install an app for that. Same, if you want stickers then you have to install Sticko Text App.

Once you download both the app then you can easily send stickers on Whatsapp. For more details read the given steps.

How To Send Stickers on WhatsApp?

Well, I have tried to make it simple by adding images as more as possible. So, just by looking the images you can find out what you have to do next. Cool na, Well this is the eArticleBlog Post.

Step 1: Download or Update Whatsapp Latest Version (Version- 3.18.340)

If you’re a Beta Tester then you can download it from PlayStore else download from above link.

Step 2: Now you have to download another App to Add Stickers on WhatsApp. Download Sticko App. 

This App will add stickers to your Whatsapp and then you can able to send Stickers.

Step 3: Well, you have done 90% Task. Now Open your Whatsapp Click on Emoji.

Whatsapp Stickers
Whatsapp Stickers

Step 4: Now, click on Sticker Icons.

Send Whatsapp Stickers
Send Whatsapp Stickers

Step 5: Tap on the Stickers to send them. Done…

An easy way to get Stickers on Whatsapp. Now need to do anything. Just follow the above steps carefully.

More About Whatsapp Stickers:

Whatsapp is one of the biggest instant messaging apps. It contains many features. But stickers are the only feature which is most common to all messaging app like Hike, Messenger etc. Sp, finally Whatsapp launched a new feature of Stickers.

It is cool and fantastic to have stickers on Whatsapp. A Stickers is a better way to explain our emotions to someone. There are thousands of stickers to explain your current mood. Emoji can be good but stickers are best.

Well, now you have emoji, gifs as well as stickers. Your chats will become more interesting with these stickers.

This Whatsapp Sticker feature is only for the beta version. You can’t use it simply by downloading WhatsApp app. You have to follow the above steps to get Stickers on your current Whatsapp version.

Still confused, watch the Video.

Watch Video on WhatsApp Stickers?

Here is the detailed video on Whatsapp Stickers.  Watch the video and don’t forget to subscribe us.

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