Nokia New Android Smartphone List 2019: Specs & Price in India


Nokia Upcoming Phones Android: The esteem Nokia brand is back in the smartphone business and this time with some exciting surprises. Here I have compiled a list of Nokia 2019 upcoming mobiles which are embedded with the Android operating system. Nokia 3310 4G Variant, Nokia 7 PLus, Nokia 8 are some of the phones coming in the year 2019.

In a race of Android smartphones, Nokia is a newcomer but an old & experienced brand with the huge following. We all remember those days when even iPhones can’t beat Nokia mobile’s camera quality which was previously operated on the Symbian operating system.

Nokia realized the importance of investing in the Android-based smartphone which ranks much higher with respect to other operating systems like iOS.


[ Last Updated: 01 Jan 2019 ]

Past decade Nokia was down falling continuously due to the popularity of other OS based smartphones and eventually it got into the hands of Microsoft until now. But since the non-compete clause with Microsoft is going to end in 2017, Nokia grabbed this opportunity to regain its position in the smartphone industry with its own Brand name and value.

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