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Time For Humanity

Hey readers..
We all know about the Nepal tragedy. 
People over there really need our help. It will just take your few minutes and some looted bucks. Paytm has come up with a great  innovation.
You can donate money via paytm for needy people in Nepal.
To donate visit the paytm page here.
Or open paytm app in your mobile and search for “Donate Nepal”.
You will find different coupons worth Rs.10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000 and 10000. Add them to cart and complete the payment.
Paytm will pay rupee to rupee means paytm will add equal amount to your donation i.e if u donate Rs.10 paytm will add 10 more and so on.

Play your part. Lets show that no religion,caste,creed,religion or country is greater than the act of humanity. We all request you to donate some amount. It doesn’t matter how much you donate but what matters is that you donate. Be it Rs.10 or 10000 we will equally be blessed by the almighty.

After all we hold the same love and sympathy for the people of Nepal.