These Are The Tips To Save Battery Power On An Android

The Android devices give many exciting features like WiFi, GPS, and many other apps. But Unluckily most of the features can take most of the battery of the device and it gets low very fast. There are few simple tricks through which you can extend the life of your device's battery.

We have got few of the tips by which you can save the battery of your device. Follow the given steps and save your battery power on an Android device.

Tips To Save Battery Power On An Android

1.Turn on the power saving mode.

For most of the devices, you have to just swipe downward from the top of the screen to bring the menu up. Then find the power saving option and select it.

  • Power saving mode may slow your phone down a little.
  • If you are getting notifications from social media apps then it won't stop until you open the app.

2. Turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS if you are not using them.

Even though you are not using these things it uses your battery power. Wifi will continue to search for a wireless connection until you switch it off. Even if you are not browsing the internet it will use the battery power.

 So, you must turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS if you are not using them.

3. Turn off any apps that you are not using.

Mostly we close the app by pressing the back or home button. But this is not enough, it may continue to run in the background. This drains the battery power of the device. You must see your recent and background apps and shut them down manually. This will secure the apps are not running in the background and uses the battery power.

4. Put your phone in standby mode when you are not using it.

Press the power button and the display will be darkened. This will reduce battery power. Again press the power button and leave the device in standby mode. Once it wakes up you need to unlock your phone.

5. Turn off the phone vibration function.

Press the volume buttons up and down till you leave the vibrate mode. You must turn off the vibrations for text messages too. Go to settings then open "Sound & Display." For Messages go to "Applications" and then "Messages."

6. Reduce the brightness of your display.

Go to Settings and select "Sound & Display". Click on "Brightness" and reduce the brightness of your device.

  • If you are using the power saving mode, the brightness of the screen will already be reduced.
  • When you reduce the brightness it will become hard to see on the screen. Especially when you go out you won't see it clearly.
  • If you are using the internet, the setting for the internet might have a shortcut to adjust the brightness.

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7. Set your screen timeout to the shortest length possible.

Must keep the screen timeout short so that it will use less display power.

8. Tell your device to only use 2G networks.

Use only 2G mobile networks on the device. You will still have access to EDGE network data and WiFi if needed.

  • To Switch on 2G Network, go to settings and click on "Wireless Controls." Then open "Mobile Networks and click on "Use only 2G Networks."

So guys follow these steps ans save your battery power. These tips works.

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