Top 10 Best Power Bank For India in 2021

Are yo looking for best power bank in India then you have landed at right page. Here we have top 10 list of best power bank in India with good efficiency. You can buy anyone of them as per your need and budget

.You can Check The Power Bank Price and specifications.Power bank online shopping is most convenience way to buy Portable Power bank.Here we listed Best Power Bank Brand with Power Bank Price.

Now a days, power bank become essential for our smartphone.

Although we have great battery capacity but we still need a good power bank to short out battery problem when we are outside.

It is a great and useful device which makes our life easy and comfortable.

Before the arrival of power bank we have tension of charging our mobile but the arrivals kill that tension.

Now we can charge our mobile or smartphone.

Most of the people face problem in charging their smartphone while traveling but this problem also short out. Now we can use power bank for the same.

power bank in India

A good power bank will help you and won’t create any problem but now the market has varieties of power banks and if you don’t have idea of buying good power bank for your mobile then it will create problem.

Every power bank will not give you best performance because different type of battery have different capacity.

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You must need to know which power bank is best for your mobile. So choose best power bank in India for your Smartphone.

We have added a short guide which helps you to choose power bank for your smartphone or mobile.

[h]List Of Best Power Bank In India[/h]

NamePrice (May Vary)Buy At
MI Power Bank (16,000 mAh) Rs-1399Mi ||Amazon|| Flipkart
Honor Power bank (13,000 mAh) Rs-1299Amazon|| Flipkart
MI Power Bank (10,400 mAh) Rs-1290Mi || Amazon || Flipkart
Ambrane P-1000 Star (10,400 mAh) Rs-899Amazon ||Flipkart || Snapdeal
Hako Pb200 (20,000 mAh) Rs-1649Amazon || Snapdeal || Flipkart
Corseca DMB2056 (20,000 mAh) Rs-2799Amazon || Flipkart
Hako HK10 (5,600 mAh) Rs-599Flipkart || Amazon
Ambrane P-5200B (5,200 mAh) Rs-679Amazon || Flipkart
Ambrane P-444 (4,000 mAh) Rs-499Flipkart || Snapdeal
Maxx 3000 (3,000 mAH) Rs-440Amazon || Flipkart

[h]MI Power Bank (16,000 mAh)[/h]
Mi Power Bank

It is the best Power Bank which we recommend you. It comes with many features and protection.

The output current is 3.6A and 5.1V. It has dual port. So you can charge two mobile at a same time. It has 93% conversion rate.

It comes with all major protection like over heating, over charging etc. Mi Power bank always have good build quality and response. So you can buy this Power Bank.

 Buy Now- Mi || Amazon || Flipkart

[h]Honor Power bank (13,000 mAh)[/h]
honor power bank

Honor Power Bank also have good build quality but if you don’t love Mi one then you can go with this Honor Power Bank.

Both have same capacity of 13,000mAh.It has two Output Port as like Mi and you can connect two mobile at a same time.

Buy Now- Amazon || Flipkart

[h]MI Power Bank (10,400 mAh)[/h]

mi power bank 10400

It is also best for less usage. If you want to use Power bank in limited amount then this Mi Power Bank is best option for you.

It has capacity of 10,400mAh and with good efficiency.

It also come with all major protection. So you can go with this option as per your need.

Buy Now- Mi || Amazon || Flipkart

[h]Ambrane P-1000 Star (10,400 mAh)[/h]

ambrane power bank

Ambrane is famous for its Power Bank and the company also offer cheap best quality power bank in India.

You can also buy Ambrane P-1000 Star 10,400mAh Power Bank instead of Mi 10,400 Power Bank. It also has two output port 5V/1A and 5V/2.1A.

Buy Now- Amazon || Flipkart || Snapdeal

[h]Hako Pb200 20000 mAh

Hako pb200 20000 power bank

Hako Pb200 is 20000mAh Portable power bank. It is light weight, stylish and easy to carry.

It has dual port having 1A and 2A output current for Smartphone and Tablet respectively.

There are 4 led power indicator which show power consumption. It comes with HIGH Capacity 20000mAh & High Grade Japanese Cell.

Buy Now- Amazon || Snapdeal || Flipkart

How To Buy A Best Power Bank?

Before buying a best power Bank you must need to follow this simple guide.Follow few simple points to  buy best budget Power Bank in India.

Capacity-  The first thing we check before buying a good power bank is its capacity.

The capacity of a Power Bank enable you to charge your Mobile more. Greater the capacity greater will be the charging capacity. Example- 10000mAh, 20000mAh etc.

Efficiency- Efficiency of any Power is not 100%. Means, if you have a mobile of 2000mAh Battery Capacity and on other hand a Power Bank of 10000mAh  then it is not possible to charge your mobile 5 times with the 10000mAh Power Bank.

There is a loss of energy while charging. So if you have Mobile of 2000mAh Battery Capacity then you can charge it maximum up to 3-4 times.

Generally a Power Bank have an efficiency of 60-80%. So First check your Mobile Battery capacity and then buy a Good Power Bank.

The branded company like Xiaomi, Lenevo ,Samsung have good efficiency.

Output Port- Output Port depends up to you. It is not necessary to have more than one OutPut. port If you want to charge more than one mobile then you can buy Multi- Port Power bank. Different power bank have different output current. Most of them have 1A  to 2A current and Voltage of 5V to 5.1V.

Protection- You are buying a Battery which can explode anytime anywhere. So it is necessary to buy a branded Power Bank which give you protection like Over Voltage, Over Charging, Short Circuit and Over Heating. So before buying a good power bank you must need to check these 4 protections.

Pass Through Charging- It enables you to charge mobile and Power Bank at a same time. You can connect Power bank to source and at a same time you can connect your mobile with power bank. If you have Pass Through Feature then your mobile will charge at first and then Power Bank will start charging. With single charging adapter you can charge both mobile and Power Bank. Generally this feature are available in most of the power bank.

Quick Charging- Quick charging is one the best feature in Power Bank. The power bank have large capacity and take a long time to charge. The quick charging will save your time. It will cost you a little higher than other Power bank.

Utility- Now most of the power bank come with torch, Bluetooth speaker, FM Radio etc. A multi purpose power bank helps you in other ways. Except charging you can do many other things with multi purpose Power Bank.

Bran Vs Local-  A good brand Power bank have good efficiency, Protection and durability. It cost you a little higher than local brands but branded Power Bank will never fails.

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