Top 10 Feature Of Newly Launched Android Pie O.S

Hey Guys On Monday Google announced it's 9th Android Operating System with Name Android Pie . Android Pie is New O.S which Launched and Currently available for Google own In-house Mobile Google Pixel . Android Pie has lots of Cool and Interesting Features we are Going to break it in Top 10 Feature and explain each and every important Details.

Before we Come To Feature let me tell You some thing This Android Pie OS will available to all other Mobile Brands in Upcoming month as Beta Testing which Include OnePlus ,Xiaomi ,Samsung, Huawei too.

Android OS name is Based on Food which is Pie .We all Know Google name their android OS on Food as like last one is Oreo ,Nought etc.

So Now Let's Jump on Top Feature of Android Pie and Everything You should Know about Android Pie OS.

1- Digital Well beings Control

In New Android Pie Google introduced Digital Well beings Control in Setting which Tells and track your Phone usages like How much time you spend On youtube ,whatsapp,snapchat etc .If you Think and feel I am adactive and want to use less this apps You can control usages by setting Time of each apps after that time you receive notification of stop else it will Fade app icon in grey .

You can Override this setting if you want to watch More But it is most interesting feature to remind You excess usage of apps.

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2- Notification Improves

Imagine You are doing something Important and Some Important Notification or SMS come you have to Reply ASAP or want to see what is Notification Then in New Android Pie it is very easy .

In Pie Update Pie add images or any media in alerts and also Quick Reply Too so You do't have to open app every time you can see all in your Notification screen.

3- Improved Battery life

In This 9th OS Google promised More battery saving than ever they are using two techniques To save more battery.

First they Use Chip Level Technique which means it use your modern processor to schedule background process when your Phone is idle so less load come on when phone in heavy usage and other Core runs for battery saving.

Second One is Pie OS read user behavior of app usages which on which time which app need to be open and other one needs to be stooped it can stop unlikely-to-be-opened apps using the CPU and battery to carry out tasks that could be deferred until later when the device is recharging.

4- Adaptive Battery and Brightness

You are hearing Artificial intelligence (A.I) every where these days In next Pie version Google Read Your Behavior of changing Brightness of your screen and learn when you need it like on which app you need to increase brightness when you need Low screen etc .

Pie Use A.I to learn and when ever you open your app or need to urgest Brightness it will Do automatically so you do't need to urgest it Manually.

5- Screen Notches

As you all Know All upcoming mobile Comes with Screen Notches as Apple Launched Iphone X and OnePlus and Huwaei and other Following that pattern .So for the Screen Notches Android Pie Move time Bar From Top Right to Top Left.


It seems it is not Important but if you have Notch Phone You need it.


6- Gesture navigation

If You have used Iphone user you can know you can Control it all Your Phone with single Button Same Like Google pie give you Permission to use Home Button to access all recent Apps etc.


The New Gesture Button work as parallel Scroll you can scroll and switch One app to another with Single Home Button like Iphone X.

This Fracture is not default you have to option To enable it via setting to do this  go To Settings > System > Gestures and toggle the “Swipe up on Home button” option.

7- Rotation Suggestion

Many of you Face Rotation issue when ever you are on Bed you feel it will tilt not your way So you Lock it but some times you want to Rotate it .

For doing this when ever you Rotate Phone a small Rotate Icon comes automatically in Notification Bar you have to Just click it to rotate without changing Lock Rotate screen every time.It is small Change But still it is Big Thing to convenience for using your Phone.

8- Smart Replies

In Recent Google Conference Google announced Smart replies feature which Use A.I and Deep learning to to Guess what you gonna Reply next at it shows as suggestion so you just have to Tap and all will show in your reply.

This smart reply all ready roll out Gmail and other apps But in Pie OS it will Roll Out with other third Party apps Too.

9- Slices

Slices is new feature for apps which Give you Short and some Important short cuts to acces quickly .Like if you tap Taxi app it will show You Home and Job Location so you have to tap and It will directly show You available Cabs To book .

It will ease You time handling and Do Job for you .Same Slice feature is available for other apps to if they allow such Short Cuts.

10- Surprise Big Feature Coming soon

In this Version Privacy improvement also which makes user Privacy more Safe and In android Pie two more Important and Surprise feature yet to be Come which they Launch soon we Have To wait for it .

So Guys hope You are excited as i am after reading this Top 10 feature of android Pie .The beta launch is withing months so if you want to try it before it launch we will tell how to install android Pie in future .If you want some thing more let us Know in comment we will Help You .


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