Top 5 Best Android Apps For The Selfie Lovers To Take A Selfie

As everyone loves to click selfies and are trending on social media, many of them just love to take a selfie and upload it to their social account. Although we take pictures we don't get that app in our Android which gives many features to edit our pictures.

Every smartphone user is mad at taking selfies and even are crazy to upload it on many social sites like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Hike, etc.

There are so many application on Play Store which helps you to increase your selfie quality.

So we are here to tell you about the best Selfie apps for Android users. These apps will help you to click your selfies at a new level.

Just go throw the given post below and check out the apps.

Best Android Apps For The Selfie Lovers

#1. Retrica

Best Android Apps For The Selfie Lovers

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Retrica is one of the best apps for taking a selfie. It is one of my favorite apps which has a positive rating on Google Play Store. In a day more than 100million pictures are taken with Retrica.

You can enjoy these features with Retrica:

  • It has perfect filters for every occasion.
  • It creates beautiful photo, video, collage and Gifs
  • Through Retrica you can upload your picture at the same time at any social media.
  • It can even turn your selfie into a message.

# 2. B612 app

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B612 is full of fun and new features which you won't get anywhere else. It is one of the best camera apps which you must try on your smartphone. In the App Store, it is at no.1 position in photo category.

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Features Of B612:

  • You can take selfie video of 3 or 6 seconds with a complete sound. You just need to tap and hold the screen to record.
  • Rear camera support: Swipe the screen from top to bottom to show your friends the world through your eyes.
  • It selects the filters which you like the most and keeps them for you.

#3. Sweet Selfie

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This app is new to the photo editor and even it has some stunning features which can take beauty selfies with filters in such a short time. Sweet Selfie even gives Emoji and stickers which are specially designed for the selfie. This app has all in one function.

Features Of Sweet Selfie:

  • Sweet Selfie is stylish and has real-time filter effects.
  • Easy to share your selfies.nShare your selfies with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Emoji & Tag Stickers Designed for Selfie
  • Timer for Better Preparation
  • Support Selfie Stick
  • Mirror Photo Camera

#4. Candy Camera

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Candy Camera has beautiful filters and silent mode. 7,000,000 people taking selfies with Candy Camera every day! You can also create collage through with this app.

Features Of Candy Camera are:

  • Stickers for every season, occasion, and trend
  • Take silent selfies, snapshots
  • Take multiple photos for a collage

#5. BestMe Selfie Camera

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BestMe Selfie camera is specially designed for editing selfies. It has exact 125 real-time filters. You must try this app if you are a selfie lover.

Features Of BestMe Selfie Camera:

  • Timer for Better Preparation
  • Amazing Blur Effect for Instagram
  • Support Selfie Stick
  • New Trend of Emoji Photo
  • Mirror Photo Camera
  • Photo Editor with 100+ Filters & Stickers

These are top selfie apps which make your photo stunning and beautiful . In 2021 these apps are trending so go and try out .

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