Top 5 Free Sites To Call Anyone In The World Anonymously Through Web Browser [ No Download Needed ]

[Top 5 Free Sites To Call Anyone 2019 ]: Hello Guys, Today Om Prakash Is Back Again On EarticleBlog With An Informative Idea By Which You Can Call Anyone Across The World Without Letting Them Know.
If You Are Looking For An Information On HOW TO MAKE CALLS VIA WEB BROWSER FOR FREE Then This Is The Probably Perfect Post On The Internet For You.

Guys I want to say before we start These days making Calls to anywhere in the world is so easy and cheap due to technological advantages but in some countries, their International calling is so high So this article helps that section to enjoy free call to any were in World.


Browser calls offer incredible convenience and flexibility in various situations. Imagine discovering an opportunity to effortlessly connect with others even when your balance is running low and you have an urgent need to make a voice call. Alternatively, your current network might be experiencing issues with outgoing calls, or you might be planning a delightful surprise call to someone with an ISD-based number. In any of these scenarios, the solution lies in the realm of web browser calls.


It Is Not Only Easy, It Is Very Easy As Well As Simple too.

You Don’t Need To Install Any App, You Don’t Need To Install Any Plugins, You Don’t Need To Waste Data Pack On Downloading Any File .

The Interesting Thing Is That You Don’t Need To Signup, Login, Or Enter Any Captcha.
The above Features Indicates That These Sites Are Simple & Very Easy To Use.


Yes, This Service Is Free But You Can Call For A Limited Time.

As I Will Be Sharing 5 Top & Fully Working Different Sites In This Post, Different Sites Have Different Terms & Conditions For Calling . I Will Add That Later In The Post Please Check Whole Post For The Same.
So This Service Is Free But You Can Call For A Certain Time Like 2 Minutes, 3 Minutes Etc…
However, You Can Make Payment & Extend Your Minutes ( OPTIONAL ) 
So Now Come To The Point Of Information & How To Use This Service Stepwise



CitrusTel Is An Amazing Website With an Amazing Website Layout & Calling Facility Through Your Web Browser.

You can use CITRUSTEL To Make Browser Voice Calls Very Easily Upto 3 Minutes 20 Seconds Per Call.

Free Calling Limit – 200 Second Per Call 

  1. Firstly, Visit The CITRUSTEL Official Website From VISIT CITRUSTEL
  2. Select Your Preferred Country & Enter Your Mobile Number
  3. Now, Click On the Calling Icon & Allow the Browser To Access Your Microphone.                                                                                                                                                                      
  4. Done! You Will Be Connected On The Call As Soon As Person Receives Your Call
  • II – POPTOX 

POPTOX Is An Another Website To Make Free Internet Calls Through Your Web Browser With Awesome Voice Quality.

Free Calling Limit – 100 Seconds / Call 

  1. First Of All, Please Visit POPTOX Official Website From VISIT POPTOX
  2. After Opening the WebSite Select The Country In Which You Want To Make The Call & Enter The Mobile Number Of That Country
  3. Click On the Green ” CALL ” Option & Allow POPTOX Website To Access Your MicroPhone Via Browser                                                                                                                                                         
  4. Done! The call Will Be Connected, Enjoy Talking As Soon As Called Person Receives Your Call.

Call2Friends Is Just Another Best Website To Make Free Calls Via Your Web Browser With Simple Layout.

Free Calling Limit – 240 Seconds

  1. Firstly, Visit The Official Calling Page Of Call2Friends From CALLING PAGE
  2. After Opening The Website Enter Your Mobile Number There & Select The Country In Which You Want To Place The Call
  3. Now, Click On Green Word ” CALL ” & Authorize Call2Friends To Use Your MicroPhone Via Web Browser                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
  4. As Soon As Person Whom You Are Calling Will Receive The Call, You Will Be Connected On The Call

IEVAPhone Is An DeskTop Friendly Website Which Allows To Make Calls WorldWide Via Your Mobile Or Desktop Browser.

Using IEVAPHONE Browser Call Facility You Can Talk Upto 4 Minutes With Crystal clear voice Quality.
Free Calling Limit – 240 Seconds

  1. Firstly, Visit IEVAPHONE Official Website From VISIT IEVAPHONE
  2. Select The Country From The List & Enter The Mobile Number Of The Person to Whom You Want To Talk
  3. Now, Click On GREEN Calling Icon & Allow IEVAPHONE To Access Your MicroPhone Via Browser You Are Using Currently                                                                                                                                                         
  4. Done! You Will Be Connected On Call As Soon As a Person From the Other Side Receives Your Call

GlobPhone Is Also An Website That Allows To Call Anyone Across The World With Simple Website Layout.
Free Calling Limit – 5 Minutes

  1. First Of All, Visit GLOBPHONE Website Calling Page From VISIT GLOBPHONE
  2. Select Country & Enter the Mobile Number Of The Person You Are Calling To
  3. Now, Click On the Green ” CALL ” Button & Allow GlobPhone Website To Access The Microphone From Browser                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
  4. After Authorizing Microphone , You Will Be Connected To The Person You Are Calling To As Soon As Person Receives The Call


Please Use This Service Legally & In Right Possible Way Only.

If You Will Do Anything Wrong Or MisUse This Service Then Only You Will Be Responsible For The Fruit Of Bad Work.

You Will Be Responsible If AnyThing Happens To You In Case You Misuse This Service.


  • Q.  Can I Use a Browser To Use This Free Calling Service?
  • AOf Course! You Can Make Use of Any Modern Browser Like Opera, UC, Chrome, Safari, Firefox Etc…
  •  Q. Can I Use a PC/Laptop For Using This Service?
  • A. Sure! You Just Need the Internet Browser & Microphone Should Be Enabled on Your Laptop/PC
  •  Q. Is This Service Totally Free?
  •  A . Yes, It Is free But Till Limited Minutes Only
  •  Q. Does This Service Charge Data Usage?
  •  A. Absolutely Yes, You Need Data Balance In order To Use this Free Calling through Browser Facility. The Average Data Usage Is Lesser Than 1MB/Minute. However extra Data Would be Charged For Loading Webpage in the Browser
  • Q. Does This service Will Charge my Mobile Balance From My Mobile?
  • A. Never! They Don’t Have Access To Your Mobile Number. However, They Got the information Only About your IP Address Secretly. So, Be Sure! You Will Not be charged A Single Penny For This free Calling Service Other Than Data Charge
  • Q. Can I Use This Free Calling Service As Unlimited?
  • A. It seems Unusual To do so, But You can give A Try! In CITRUSTEL you can call again after disconnecting the call after reaching the call limit . For the rest Alternate websites You can make use of the Incognito   Mode Of the Browser
  •  Q. If I Use the Incognito Mode Of Browsing Will They Get Information About My IP Address?
  •  A.  Yes, They Will Have Information About Your IP Address.
  • Q. Needn`t I Download Any App To Use This Service?
  • A. No, It doesn`t Require To Download Anything. You just need an Browser with an Active internet connection In order To Use this Free Calling service
  • Q. How do Disconnect The Call?
  • A. Just Press the RED Icon Or Click On the End call Option that Exist On the Screen


So Guys This Was on Simple & Easy Article Regarding MAKING CALLS TO ANYONE VIA MOBILE OR DESKTOP INTERNET BROWSER. All 5 Website Are Fully Verified By Me & Working.

Please Use this Calling feature for The Good Cause only, It Will Help You At many places In Your Life.

If You Have Liked Or Disliked This Article Then Please Let me know Via comments!

Thanks To Each & Everyone for Reading!

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