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How to Buy Successfully in Xiaomi MI India ₹1 Flash Sale – 19th Oct

Mi Diwali Sale 2016: Xiaomi MI India, a smartphone and accessories company have recently launched 2 of there great inventions in India and now they are celebrating Diwali Festival with their customers through an amazing ₹1 Flash Sale and lots of exciting offers. Xiaomi Diwali Offers at Mi.COM

Buying something in flash sale, requires luck as well as how smartly you get prepared for it. So to make your process more smarter here we are providing you with a trick to buy in MI’s ₹1 Flash Sale.

Mi Diwali Sale

Diwali Flash Sale Offers: We have provided many script to buy online for various sites like Amazon, Flipkart & MI and all of them successfully worked for our blog visitors. So this time we are again presenting a script which can be used to buy any product on MI’s ₹1 Flash Sale automatically. This autobuy script and trick will make your task 70% easy and rest 30% task is damn easy than you think.

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Mi Diwali Sale 2016 – Diwali with Mi

Xiaomi Diwali 1 Rupee Sale: Festival season has arrived and now is the time for Diwali Festival and to celebrate this, MI India have prepared some very fun games, and many awesome deals just for you. Check out what’s going on for Mi Diwali Sale 2016 here:









MI India Rs. 1 Flash Sale Deals : Xiaomi Diwali Offers

This post is completely dedicated to MI India ₹1 Flash Sale in which you can get the items listed below at only ₹1! It’s for real! You’ll have to be quick to get them because there are limited units up for grabs and our autobuy trick will help you to sit and relax until your product gets added to cart and you can proceed for further process.

  1. Oct 17th: 30 x Redmi 3S Prime & 100 x MI Bluetooth Speaker.
  2. Oct 18th: 30 x Redmi Note 3 16GB & 100 x 20000 mAh Mi Power bank.
  3. Oct 19th: 30 x Mi 4 & 100 x Mi Band 2.

autobuy script for re 1 flash sale

This celebration will held between 17th October to 19th Oct 2016 in which you will get opportunity to get your hands on one of the flash sale deals. Our flash sale autobuy trick to buy in Re. 1 Flash sale will make your task easier and will give you better chance then others who are simply going to do all this by mouse clicking continuously.

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Script will allow you to sit and relax while it will perform your task by automatically clicking on Buy Now button as soon as timer reaches to zero (0). This script will click on Buy Now button every few milliseconds which is generally not possible by human hands and hence adding flash sale product to cart is faster for you.

 Mi Diwali Sale Deals  Mi Diwali Offers / Discounts
Redmi Note 3 32GB  ₹ 10,999 ₹ 11,999
Redmi Note 3 16GB ₹ 9,499 ₹ 9,999 
Redmi 3S Prime ₹ 8,499 ₹ 8,999
Redmi 3S  ₹ 6,499 ₹ 6,999
Mi 5 ₹ 19,999 ₹ 22,999
Mi Max ₹ 13,999 ₹ 14,999
Mi Air Purifier 2 ₹ 9,999
Mi Band 2 ₹ 1,999
Mi Max Prime  ₹ 19,999
10000mAh Mi Power Bank Pro  ₹ 1,999
20000mAh Mi Power bank + Mi USB Fan  ₹ 1,899
Mi Band + Mi Band Strap  ₹ 1,099
10000mAh Mi Power bank  ₹ 1,099 ₹1,299
Mi In-ear headphones pro  ₹ 1,399 ₹1,799
MI Capsule earphones  ₹ 899 ₹999
Mi Bluetooth speaker  ₹ 1,999 ₹2,699

How to Register for MI’s ₹1 Flash Sale

  1. Login or Signup on Xiaomi MI India website by Clicking Here
  2. Then go to MI India ₹1 Flash Sale Page
  3. To be eligible for the ₹1 flash deal, click the share button and share it to your Facebook by 16th Oct, 2016.
  4. If not, you won’t be able to grab the flash deals when it happens on 17 – 19 Oct.
  5. If you are Absentminded like me :P , you might also like to download Mi mobile app to get notified for the sale.

Few Tips & Tricks for Re. 1 Flash Sale

  • First and foremost step is to register for the sale before 19th Oct by clicking on Share button on Mi Flash Sale Page.
  • Make sure your system’s time is perfect. You can be assured by simply right clicking on Date & Time present at the bottom right corner of your Desktop screen.
  • Then click on Adjust date/time then tick mark on Set time automatically.
  • Make sure you are only surfing Mi Flash Sale Page and no background updates are running.
  • Activate small 3G or 4G plan for best performance and assurance. (Buy Jio Sim Online)

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How to Apply Mi 1 Rs Flash Sale Script?

  1. Go to Mi Flash Sale Page and login to your account.
  2. Right click any where on the window and click in Inspect.
  3. A window will popup.
  4. Click on Console tab in that window.
  5. Paste the below given script in that tab.
  6. Press enter 5 min before sale to run that script.

AutoBuy Script for MI Flash Sale on 19th Oct

We will update the script on sale day. So come back again 15 minutes before sale to get exact script that will work. For a safe side, also try manually in other tab.


Mi 4 Script [30 Piece]:

var time=setInterval(function() { $(‘.J_flashSale .actions’).find(‘a’)[0].click(); if($(‘.modal-footer .btn-orange’)[0]){ $(‘.modal-footer .btn-orange’)[0].click(); clearInterval(time);} else { console.log(‘Script Activated’); }}, 10);

Mi Band 2 script [100 piece]: 

var time=setInterval(function() { $(‘.J_flashSale .actions’).find(‘a’)[1].click(); if($(‘.modal-footer .btn-orange’)[0]){ $(‘.modal-footer .btn-orange’)[0].click(); clearInterval(time);} else { console.log(‘Script Activated’); }}, 10);

Little Info About Script!

If you have little knowledge about HTML and JavaScript than you might be familiar with the above code. What it does is, we have taken a variable “b” to which we have given value of the 43rd link element () on the page.

If that link element’s value equals “Grab Now” which comes after timer reaches 0, it starts clicking on that element every 10 milliseconds automatically. So that you don’t have to click that manually.

We will update the script on Flash Sale Day that is 19th October 2016. Till then stay updated and bookmark this page for reference. I hope you will be able to Buy in Re. 1 Flash Sale successfully using this trick.

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