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Trizzio App – Earn exciting prizes for playing

Trizzio App – Earn exciting prizes for playing

While I was chatting with one of my friends , he sent me the referral link of trizzio app and asked me to download the app and I was like “What dude ? You are asking me to download an app from your referral link” I was in an impression that I know about almost all refer and earn apps but I was terribly wrong.

I downloaded the app as he said and created an account. I was not interested in spending my time with the app , so I signed up and left the app as it was.
It was not later than yesterday that I opened the app and tried to find out , what was so fascinating and that was the day :D I haven’t stopped playing the quiz game yet and the reason being “It is so addicting” and what adds ice to the cake is that it gives you awesome prizes for playing the game.

Apart from all these awesome features , it is also runningan exciting referral campaign :D
Let me guess , you are like “sone pe suhaga”

Let me keep the excitement going and list the prices available before I get into more details about theapp and the steps you need to follow in order to get started with playing the game.

Prizes available :

  • Amazon vouchers
  • Van Heusen vouchers
  • Flipkart vouchers
  • Snapdeal vouchers
  • Philips Bluetooth speaker
  • Ambrane Power Bank
  • LeEco Le 1S Mobile Phone

and many others….

I won’t say that it is a magic game and you will win these prizes by spinning the wand but if you play seriously , the prizes are yours. Apart from playing the game and earning cool prizes , you also gain a hell lot of General Knowledge. So , let us proceed to the steps :D

Steps to follow :

As every time, the steps are same and nothing different.

  • Download the Trizzio app from here.
  • Sign up with facebook.
  • You will see the “PLAY” icon on the first screen you see after logging in.
  • You will see questions and will get 10 seconds to answer each question.

PS – Questions are really difficult :P

How to earn :

You will earn 100 Rs flipkart voucher if you answer 30 questions correctly in a row
You will also get some points daily depending on your performance in the day
You can also play a duet with your friend and will get 20 points for winning a duet
You can also refer your friends and get 30 points for each refer but believe me , referral earnings are nothing if you are intelligent.

Snaps :D

Presenting you some snaps from the app

trizzio app           5             4

NOTE – Join with me on facebook and you can also invite me for a duet.

Waiting for what ? Download the app and get started :D

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  1. Johnavon says

    Hey Prashant,Thanks for pointing out the overruling of the 6 year rule in the banana leaf case,it completely my mind when i was preparing the draft though i wanted to mention it after reading the judgment. nice pota!Bests,J.Ssi Deepak Iyer.

  2. jAipraksh says

    hey Pranshu,

    make your post a bit more detailed as how to refer and earn etc.Where is the option for referring Per refer points..Topics of quiz.

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