All about Bitcoin: What is Bitcoin and How to Buy Crypto in India

Do you know What are Bitcoins? and How to Invest Bitcoins? You can earn Billion from Bitcoins. Check the latest Price of Bitcoins in India. You all know that we use Coins, Notes to purchase things in the market and it may probably possible that some of them are in your pocket right now.

Same as with Bitcoin, it is a currency. But you can’t touch it, feel it & can’t see it. It is a virtual currency. It can be digitally stored only.

You can purchase things by using Bitcoin but it doesn’t have any physical appearance. In a simple language, you can say it is just like Paytm cash in your Paytm wallet.

You can’t touch your Paytm cash but you convert it into real or physical currency and you can purchase things by using your Paytm cash.

Same as with Bitcoins you can convert them into real currency and you can purchase or use them at only those places where they are accepted. Invest Bitcoins in India

What are Bitcoins and its Origin?

As clear from above para that bitcoin is a digital currency which doesn’t have any physical appearance. But if we talk about its category it will fall in the category of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency means the currency which originates through cryptography (a type of coding language).

Bitcoins was Launched as a currency in the year 2009 with the price of 20 paisa per Bitcoin. It was founded by a person named Satoshi Nakamoto.

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But no one knows where is that person and will he actually exist. Upon some researches on the internet I found that Satoshi Nakamoto was not a person, actually it is a group of 4 companies name Samsung, Toshiba Nakamichi and Motorola. (It May be wrong !)

In India the price of Bitcoin is Rs 775000*(600 % increase last 4 month) per Bitcoin. But it is fluctuate due to demand and supply. If demand rises the price of bitcoin rises but if demand decreases the price of bitcoin decreases.

As paisa is smallest unit of Rupee same as the smallest unit of bitcoin is Satoshi. One Bitcoin has 100000000 Satoshis.

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Is it safe to invest in Bitcoin ?

Investment in any crypto currency is niether risk free. But if you have some knowledge about it then you can earn a very good profit from it. I self earn Rs 4000 per day from it sometimes.

It all depends on your knowledge. If you think that in future bitcoins price will rise then you should invest in them. But if your prediction becomes wrong then you can bear a great loss..

So how you can know that is it right time to invest in bitcoin. I will tell you.. The current average price of bitcoin is nearly rs 70000 to 782000 ( only for 1-2 days). So if you find the price is lower then 180000 then you should buy it. If the price is more then 182000 then you should wait for its price fall.

(Note:- the above price is for short term profit means you can earn 1000-2000 rs in 3-4 days if you follow above price range)but if you want profit for long term then you can invest any time. Because some of its experts told that in 2020 its price will be go far of rs 300000.

Do You Know : – The Person who invest only 100 dollars in bitcoins in 2009 is now 82 million dollar rich……

How To invest Bitcoins?

Their are many wallets and Websites through which you can purchase and invest in them. But many of them are Fake and fraud. Some according to me the best & trusted wallet for bitcoin transaction is Zebpay wallet. Below are the steps to invest in them…

  1. Install Zebpay app from Here
  2. Open app and enter your Mobile No. and verify it with Otp.
  3. After that Click on setup account pin and enter a 4 digits pin.
  4. Now enter your name& Email address.
  5. Now your wallet is open but you need to verify your account for gaining your wallet address. for this Go to verification section in menu.
  6. Their enter your name and submit PAN & Bank details.
  7. After verification you can access your account address and can done transaction.

You Can Also Buy Bitcoin /Ripple /LTC/ETHER From Popular India Exchange Koinex too (Free Rs 100 Cash to Buy any Coin):

  • Visit Koinex By Clicking Here : [ Register Here ]
  • Make a Fresh account By Registering .
  • Now Do KYC it takes 5 to 10 days to approve.
  • Bingo ! You have Free Rs 100 Cash to buy any coin in Koinex.
  • Now Simply Fund Your Koinex account and do start trading.

How to Buy Bitcoin?

  1. Firstly Go to menu and click on free Bitcoins.
  2. And their enter promo code as REF01033917. (For getting free rs 100 bitcoins)

  3. Now click on + sign at bottom right and click on Account > Deposit.
  4. Their enter the amount you want to add into your account. ( You can’t purchase bitcoins directly, you need to add the required amount first into the wallet then proceed further)
  5. After add amount click on + Sign again and click on buy and sell.
  6. Their enter the amount of bitcoin you want to Purchase.
  7. You can know the Buying and selling price of bitcoins from above as shown in Screenshot.

How to gain profit from Bitcoin?

Lets assume i purchase bitcoin at the rate of rs190692 per bitcoin and its selling price is 185998 per bitcoin (remember this difference between buying and selling price is varies per wallet… it is the price through which these wallet companies makes profit).

But after some days due to increasing demand its selling price rose by rs 100000.Means now i can sell my 1 bitcoin at the rate of 285998. So i purchase the bitcoin at rs190692 when its selling price was 185998 but now the selling price was 285998… that’s way i make profit of rs 100000. Similarly you can get loss if situation is vice versa.

Buy Ripple in India from Zebpay

buy ripple on zebpay

Zebpay has now added another cryptocurrency for trading on their platform which is Ripple. Now you can buy or sell ripple on Zebpay easily. Click here for more details.

Zebpay New Interface After Bitcoin Cash Addition

Zebpay added bitcoin cash

Zebpay Homepage

Trade btc and bch on Zebpay


So, at last, we only say that the investment in bitcoin is not risk free but if you have some knowledge about it then you can earn huge profit. And remember the above price rate i gave was just my assumption it can different for different. You please invest at your own risk never depends on our assumptions. For upcoming post on cryptocurrency keep updated with us. Their is One more Cryptocurrency provide UNICORN In future we Provide all Unocoin Coupon Codeto trade.For money earning tricks you can also visit this posts also. Invest Bitcoins.

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