What Is Momo Game ? How To Prevent Kids From Playing Momo Challenge

Hey Friends , new suicidal Momo Game is Out it is very dangerous game which is targeting Kids . This Momo Challenge Game is successor of Blue whale game which is deadliest game ever and took many life all over world. This Momo Challenge Spreading too fast all over world and In Our country to

So I am Going to educate you what is Momo Game and How you prevent your Kid’s to do’t go to Trap of this Game.

What Is Momo Game ?

Momo Game is Very dangerous game .In this Game Kid’s or Minor Age People give challenge to do scary tasks when you complete task you will receive another task if You do’t Complete task You will receive horror images ,videos or threats to complete the task . In the Last Stage of task they Give you suicidal task with Threats if you do’t complete your family member or loved one hearts .

How Momo Challenge Game Trap Kid’s :

Like Blue whale Game In Momo Challenge you receive Whatsapp Message from unknown Number or Call From Unknown Number with scary images ,Momo Photo or Scary voices .When you reply it Back in curiosity they will start playing with you .

First they send you Scary Images videos audio clips and Some small task to complete If you complete it you are now in trap . They Psychology Break your Kids because in younger age they do’t have lots of info of life .

If kid’s try to contact their parents or deny to complete task they hack their phones and steal all images and video’s to use this as threat kid’s parents or loved one and force them to complete next target.

How To check Your Kid’s Playing This Game:

Guys it is really very dangerous Game if you are reading this please be extra careful on your kid’s small age brothers sisters ,take a look on their activity if you find any thing suspicious take action check their smart phone call log gallery and school bags .

If you find any thing Suspicious report it authority and take constant care of loved Ones Below is Some Important Tips Please Follow.

Tips To Prevent Your Child To Play Momo Challenge:

  • Do’t Talk any strange or unknown numbers on whatsapp or Facebook and not save such number in your contact list.
  • Give Your whatsapp number only Trusted People.
  • In whatsapp setting On Privacy settings so Only Contact List Persons See your photo.
  • If You Receive any MOMO Images or Any thing Block that number Instant.
  • If your Kid’s friend’s Playing Momo Game stay your child from them.
  • Talk to your children educate them about this game consequences of this game .
  • Monitor Your child if it’s behavior changes ,Physiology change or see any thing strange then investigate it.
  • Always Look what is your child watching on Internet if any thing not good stop them .

Story of This SCARY MOMO Game Doll:

The Symbol which is identity of Momo Game is not meant for this . This Momo Doll is  created By Japanes Companies Link Factory .

The sculpture was initially thought to be created by Japanese artist Midori Hayashi who is known for making bizarre dolls using different animal parts.

Neither Hayashi or Link Factory are associated with the Momo challenge.What Makes it scary is image of this Doll with Birds legs.

So Friend’s I hope Now You all know about this game so before it affect us be prepare to face it Prevent any one to do Suicide and let’s fight this evil game until it end.

Please Share with Parents and who you think necessary this article to prepare them of such evil game.

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