WhatsApp Business App: How To Set Up, Download!

Whatsapp is a messaging app which is used all over the world. There are billions of users and recently, it announced that next month Whatsapp Payment feature is also coming. Last week, Whatsapp has announced about its Business App in Italy, UK, and United States. What is Whatsapp Business app? Let us know everything in full details.

As we all know, last week the Whatsapp Business app was announced in the UK, US, and Italy. Finally, now the app is available in India but only for ANDROID users. iPhone users have to wait for this app. A business app is better for those who have their own Business. They can connect with their customers in a different way and this app is a very good app for Business. This app won't charge you extra as it is free to use. It will be normal like how we use Whatsapp.

WhatsApp Business App Available In India For Android Users

While WhatsApp business app is a different service with a new target audience, this app will ask you a different mobile number. You can't use the same number which you use with the Whatsapp. If you do not have an extra number then you can continue with your number, but your personal profile will be changed to business profile with all your contacts.

If you have used two numbers, then you will be able to use both the apps, WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business app. When you use the same number for both the apps, then it will give you an option to delete your chat history and groups.

Here Is Everything About WhatsApp Business App: How To Set Up, Download!

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Business App has extra Features

This app is not like the normal Whatsapp, as it has few of the extra features. Let us go through for details.

Know how to create your business account and also see what are the features.

How To Download WhatsApp Business App For Android?

You can download the Whatsapp Business App from the Google Play Store.

  • 1. Go to Play Store.
  • 2. Download WhatsApp Business App. Click here
  • 3. The app is downloaded for Android users.

How to register WhatsApp Business?

As you have downloaded the app from Play store, it is now on your smartphone.  You have to open the app and proceed to the setup process.

  • 1.The first step will be for verification of your Mobile number through OTP.
  • 2. Then, enter your Business name, like your shop name or company name.

NOTE: Your business name will not be changed once you have created it. So before going to next step, enter the final name.

Once you are done with Name, then you will go to the homepage. The homepage is same as Whatsapp. On the left side, you will have the camera access and the three tabs Status, Calls and Chats. At the top on the right side, there are three dots which is a menu button. At the bottom, there is an icon to chat with your customers.

Set Your Business Profile

It's interesting!! In this Business app, you can create your own profile by adding all the details of your business. You just have to go to "Settings" and then click on "Business Settings".

Now, you can set a profile picture and also your business address. Also, you can keep the location on the Google Maps. By this, it will be easier for the customers to know your location. The other thing is CATEGORY for your business, which is like automotive, clothing, finance, restaurant, and transport, etc.

In the picture below, you can see, there is an option of Schedule. You can keep a schedule of working days or hours. The business person can also add their website or email address.

After everything is done, just click on the save icon which is on the top right side. There is also a statistics, in which you will be able to see how many messages you have sent, users have read, and the ones which are delivered.

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Messaging Tools

The most helpful and important thing is Messaging tools. It can be obtained from business settings. There are three options, greeting message, quick replies, and away message.

Away messages will come to you when your customers will message you out of business hours. You can also set an away message in settings.

Greeting message means you can gree the customers when you get in contact with them for the first time.

Quick Replies, will make your communication easier to your customers.

So, all these are the new features in Whatsapp Business App, rest everything is same as Whatsapp. Like, You can keep Profile picture, status, and can also hide your last seen. There is also an option of deleting the account. For back up and restore your chat history, you can use Google Drive.

The new WhatsApp Business app looks quite interesting and will be beneficial for businessmen.

What are your thoughts on this Business app? Will it work or not? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below.

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