Send ZIP File on Whatsapp Messenger Up To 100 MB (#UPDATE)

The company has just moved out with an update which will allow the users to share any types of documents, in the latest update of Whatsapp. The Whatsapp users will now be able to send any kind of file up to 100MB.

Till now file attachments were limited to select the files. This means you can’t send the file which is supported officially. And this was the main disadvantage in compared to other messaging apps like Telegram or Skype as they support sending of any types of file for a long time.

WhatsApp Messenger Just Got An Extraordinary New Feature

WhatsApp Messenger is the leading application in instant messaging.  Almost everyone uses this instant messaging app. WhatsApp is being updated every time with the trends and on the users demand. In past few months, amazing and new features are introduced by WhatsApp.

You might be thinking why are we talking about Whatsapp now. The reason is that the instant messaging app has introduced a new feature which will allow the users to send the files up to 100 MB. Yes, now the users can share any kind of documents and files.

This feature is a game changing feature as it will make our work easier. After updating this feature, you don’t need to open any computer to share a file with your friend as Whatsapp will let you send any kind of file.

Send any file with WhatsApp

WhatsApp Messenger Has Just Got An Amazing Feature In The New Update

Android users may send files up to a 100 Megabytes in size, and iOS users files with a size of up to 128 Megabytes.

To send a file you just need to open the chat, tap on the attachment icon and then select the document option from the menu.

Before, WhatsApp share was cramped to file formats that mobile can read. But now, the users can send any kind of files up to 100MB which is enough for sharing a large document.

Not only this feature is updated in Whatsapp. The other update is it also organizes photos in the gallery. If the user is sending more than five photos at the same time, then the chat window will show you three photos with the total number of photos. By this, the chat window looks much cleaner.

The new update of WhatsApp is for both iOS and Android. So, remember you update the WhatsApp by going on  App Store or Google Play Store. May be you haven’t received the update still but it will definitely come, just wait for some time. 

So, guys what do you think of this latest update of WhatsApp messenger? Please do share your thoughts with us by commenting below.

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