Free Unlimited Internet in JIO | Host VPN Trick | 5G Free Internet

Jio Free Internet world is returning guys! We have found a way to enjoy free JIO internet on your mobile phone without a data pack or even when your daily data limit is over.

The Host VPN trick is a very OLD method that we used in our old Airtel free Internet tricks but due to the large usage of that trick companies block HOST due to this that time free Internet trick is almost closed.

 Free Unlimited 5G Internet in JIO

In recent times Free Host has been open in JIO & Airtel and many people have started using it that’s why we are sharing it with you so you can all enjoy free internet in JIO.

What is HOST VPN Trick ?

You all know about Virtual Private Network (VPN) which is used to hide your IP or use proxy servers to surf the internet.

In the Host VPN trick we use free HOST which is accessible when no data pack is available in JIO.VPN uses this host as a server in VPN and tunnels your mobile data traffic to it so that without consuming your data you can enjoy the internet.

This is a bit complex to understand leave it to the VPN trick you just need to follow the below steps which are easy to set up.

Requirements to Use Free Internet In JIO :

  • Android Device
  • Internet Enabled Service.

Method 1# Steps to use Free Internet In Jio Via Host VPN Trick :

  • First Of All, Install a Special VPN App From the Play Store.
  • Install the VPN & Open The App.
  • In the App, you will See two Options Location IP & Server.
  • In the location Box Choose Any Indian Server.
  • In the Second important Box select India | Jio FreeNet 1 or 2.
Jio Free Internet Trick
  • Now Hit the Start Button to start the VPN service.
  • Allow some permission if it asks.
  • Wait a few seconds to connect it to the server.
  • Bingo! You are connected successfully via the Free JIO Server.
Jio Free 5G Data Trick India

You are now connected with Free servers and you can use free jio internet without data pack .

Are You Airtel user then you can also enjoy free Internet : Airtel 5G Free Internet

-Team Admin

Method 2# Steps to use 5G Free Internet In Jio Zam VPN Trick :

This is the second method which has more than four servers of Jio Free Internet with 5G server. In this app, you can also surf free internet in Jammu Kashmir also.

  • Download the Zam VPN App from the Play Store.
  • Now Open the app and give all permission.
  • Now in the First Box select Auto Select Server & select India Server or leave it as it is.
  • In the Second box select JIO Free Server.
  • You can select Jio servers one by one if one does not work.
  • Now Scroll Off the slider to ON.
  • Allow the VPN to connect itself.
  • Bingo! You are able to use Jio free internet.

Important Points Before Using Free Internet :

  • When using this free internet make sure your daily data is over or your recharge pack is over it may deduct data from the main balance or data pack.
  • You can use this free internet trick in Jio 4G & JIO 5G services which means you can use JIO 5G Free internet too.
  • This is a proxy & VPN trick so make sure you know what you are doing, we suggest not using Payment related app or Jio Tv as it will not work if you use a VPN.
  • First, you try this trick on a secondary mobile if you are satisfied then use it on your primary number.
  • If Jio Free Server 1 does not work try other servers too. Sometimes one host port is blocked & others open.

Authors View :

Earlier in 2012 to 2016 we all used free internet when data pack is too costly & now slowly again data pack costlier day by day. You can use this trick if you are unable to pay costly data packs.

We found this trick & many people using it so thought to share this trick will block soon when it goes viral then new Host trick again come so until then enjoy free Internet & last you can use this VPN trick to surf free internet in airtel & VI too.

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